Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying

Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka

Are you looking for a pleasant space to sit down and study Japanese in Tokyo? This list and map of cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka will help you find a new place to explore nearby Coto. Coto Japanese Academy is located in Iidabashi. Being close to many beautiful Cafes and restaurants as well as scenic small hidden parks and shrines. Whether you are looking for a place to unwind after class or a place to sit down and bury your nose in a grammar guide, these scenic cafes and restaurants will be great to explore.

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Canal Café
TOKI CAFE (Times Cafe)
 Kagurazaka monogatari (Book Cafe Sundries)
Kagurazaka Saryo
Mugi Maru 2
Shimada Cafe
Akagi Cafe
Royal Garden Cafe Iidabashi

Canal Café (Restaurant and Cafe)

Canal Cafe is the new incarnation of the historical Tokyo Sujiyo Club, Tokyo’s oldest boat house, which began operation 100 years ago (1918). Coming to Canal Cafe, you can choose to enjoy either the luxurious restaurant area, or the deck area viewing to the nearby river. If you want to have some fun, rent a boat and head out (rental price is around 600 Yen per half hour). Nearby is the canal cafe boathouse and bakery which are also quaint options – but due to limited space can become more crowded.  During Sakura season – it gets extremely crowded due to its proximity, the ability to rent boats – and the breathtaking views of the Sakura cherry blossoms that line the river. As you could imagine – it is not only good as a casual study option to plant yourself for the afternoon – but fantastic for a date.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - Canal Cafe (Restaurant and Café)

Address: 1-9 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30 am ~ 11 pm; Sun and holidays 11:30 am ~ 9.30 pm
Closing day: 1st & 3rd Monday
Nearest station: IIdabashi station

TOKI CAFE (Times Cafe) (Coworking Space and Cafe)

Locate in the middle of Kagurazaka on the main street, TOKI CAFE is a perfect spot for someone who is looking for an open air working space rather than a stuffy office. With the concept of a relaxed – homelike working space, TOKI CAFE provides customers with various areas of choice, from small meeting rooms to PC desks, tablet bars and entertainment rooms. The entrance fee is around 990 Yen for an hour freely use all equipments and all-you-can-drink menu. Following the first hour – cost depends on what you use and how much you drink.  Might not be a daily option due to cost – but definitely a great place to sit down and cram.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - Times Cafe (Coworking space and cafe)

Address: 2-12 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:00 am ~ 11 pm
Weekends and holidays 10:00 am ~ 11 pm
Nearest station: IIdabashi station

Kagurazaka monogatari (Book Cafe Sundries)

A modern cafe &bookstore. Sitting in Sundries, you can emerge yourself into the smell of freshly printed books, the coziness of a hot tea and exploration of newly discovered reads. With an outdoor seating terrace for spring and summertime – it is a good option to shake off the winter doldrums and get some serious learning done.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - book cafe sundries

Address: 6-43 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening hour: Tue – Fri 12:00 pm ~ 8:30 pm
Sat, Sun & Holiday 12:00 pm ~ 8:00 pm
Nearest station: IIdabashi station, Kagurazaka station

Kagurazaka Saryo

Also located in the alley of Kagurazaka, Saryo is a perfect choice for those looking for a traditional hinoki decorated style. The shop is famous for its high quality green tea menu. The matcha menu is said to be made from Kyoto’s Uji matcha, which is nicely bitter in flavor and scene – as well as famous in reputation.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - kagurazaka saryo

Address: 5-9 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 11:30 am ~ 11 pm
Sun and holidays 11:00 am ~ 10 pm
Nearest station: IIdabashi station, Kagurazaka station

MugiMaru 2

Another Japanese retro style cafe you can’t miss in the area is MugiMaru 2. Just 5 minutes away from Kagurazaka station – MugiMaru will promise you a unique experience. The shop serves hot tea or coffee with 饅頭 (まんじゅ)manju, a traditional steamed cake with red beans filling.  You can try several different types of manju with various flavors, they are all 180 each. Although it may be hard to get any studying done with so many flavorful choices – we still recommend the experience.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - mugi maru 2

Address: 5- 20 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: Everyday 12 pm to 9 pm except for Wednesday
Closest station: Kagurazaka station, Iidabashi station

Shimada Cafe

Opened in Tokyo’s “little European alley”, the design of Shimada is based on concepts found in European housing, with rustic woody interiors and natural lightning. The shop is famous for its French Toast, which is said to be crunchy on the outside and warm, creamy and fluffy on the inside. For those who work in the area, Shimada offers late lunch time hours – making it a desirable spot for a late lunch or after lunch study session.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - shimada cafe

Address: 3 – 6 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kagurazaka 3 – chome terrace 3rd floor
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 12:00 pm ~ 11:00 pm Sun and holiday ~ 9 pm
Closest station: IIdabashi station Kagurazaka station

Akagi Cafe

Akagi cafe may not be the best place to study Japanese on this list. Nevertheless, it is still a cool experience for those who are wandering around in the vicinity Akagi Shrine. Located right inside the shrine, the cafe is unique with its spiritual atmosphere. Dining at Akagi, you can enjoy a wide range of selection, from traditional Japanese cuisine to European style cooking. Akagi shrine is a modernly renovated shrine that makes use of Hinoki and is a great spot to take pictures on a sunny day.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - akagi cafe

Address: 1 – 10 Akagihara-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: Close every Tuesday
Weekdays 10 am ~ 9:30 pm, Sat 11:30 am ~ 9:30pm
Sun & Holiday 11:30 am ~ 5:00 pm
Nearest station: Kagurazaka station

Royal Garden Cafe Iidabashi

Royal garden cafe is a coffee brand that follows a brand mission of sustainability, aiming to be  “a shop that everyone in the region needs”. Here in Royal Garden, organic ingredients are freshly picked every morning for their “visible impacts” – related to a reduced carbon footprint. The cafe is also making the most out recycled materials for its decoration. If you are looking for a spacious spot to hold a study group or party, Royal garden will be a perfect option due to its seating capacity and relaxed atmosphere.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - royal garden cafe

Address: Tokyo Iidabashi Grand Bloom Sakura Terrace 2F Fujimi 2-10-2 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 11:00 am ~ 11:00 pm
Nearest station: IIdabashi station


Just 20 minutes walk from IIdabashi station, you will arrive at the beautiful Koishikawa Korakuen. This is one of the oldest gardens in Tokyowith it being famous for mixing a combination of Japanese and Chinese styled landscapes. If you would like to – you can simply visit the garden, it is open year-round. However, While enjoying the beauty of nature, what’s better than a hot cup of tea and a Japanese study book as your companion? Inside Koishikawa, you will find Kantoku-tei tea room. Though the interior is rudimentary decorated, you will find your inner peace here with a reasonable tea set (only ¥Yen for a matcha set with traditional sweets).  Not an optimal destination for long-term study sessions – but the scenery is hard to match.
Cafes in Iidabashi and Kagurazaka that are good for Studying - kantoku-tei
Address: 1-6-6 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Opening hours: 10:00 am ~ 4pm, closing days are not fixed.
Nearest station: Korakuen station, iidabashi station, suidobashi station.

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