Coto Academy Announces High Pass Rate for JLPT 2021

Coto Japanese Academy is proud to announce that our students achieved a high overall pass rate of 72.7% for their JLPT 2021 scores, with some students performing exceptionally well. We want to thank our students, teachers and staff for their support, hard work and commitment to making this positive result a reality.

Our successful JLPT Prep Course lasts from one to five months, with flexible options to join anytime. It’s designed to increase your chance of passing the exam and reaching your target score. Students had taken two years’ worth of exam questions and received feedback from one of our professional instructors.

If you are planning to take the JLPT 2022 and would like help in mastering the JLPT from professional instructors, we recommend signing up for our upcoming online and in-person 2022 JLPT Prep course (Tokyo and Yokohama).

The results for JLPT 2021 are now available online until March 31, 2022 (guide on how to check your JLPT results here). If you are interested in joining our prep course or have any questions, visit our contact page.

For those students who did not achieve their desired results, there are options. We encourage all learners who did not pass their exams not to give up and to continue their hard work.

Overall 2021 JLPT Pass Rate for Coto Students

Data collected is based on students’ voluntary submissions and ranges from JLPT N5 to JLPT N1. Overall, 72.7% of Coto students passed the JLPT of their desired level.

coto academy overall 2021 jlpt pass rate jlpt 2022

Breakdown of 2021 JLPT Levels from Coto Students

100% of JLPT N1 students who took the N1 JLPT Prep Course at Coto Academy passed the test. With the biggest volume of students per intake, Coto Academy also boasts an impressive 93% passing rate for JLPT N3 — a testament to the quality of our comprehensive Japanese language curriculum. Likewise, we are also delighted to see a 100% pass rate for results for JLPT N5.

Kindly take a look at the breakdown for each set of JLPT levels’ pass rates. If you have any concerns or questions, we are happy to address them. You can email us at info@cotoacademy or book a free online consultation with us.

N1 Pass Rate at Coto Academy

coto academy n1 2021 jlpt pass rate jlpt 2022

N2 Pass Rate at Coto Academy

coto academy n2 2021 jlpt pass rate jlpt 2022

N3 Pass Rate at Coto Academy

coto academy n3 2021 jlpt pass rate jlpt 2022

N4 Pass Rate at Coto Academy

coto academy n4 2021 jlpt pass rate jlpt 2022

N5 Pass Rate at Coto Academy

coto academy n5 2021 jlpt pass rate jlpt 2022

The JLPT is a benchmark for Japanese language learners. Having the certificate helps increase your employability and boost your career in Japan. In or outside of Japan, however, we hope taking this test allows you to secure the best places at university or workplaces.

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