Apartment Hunting in Japan 1 – Cheat sheet

Want to learn more about apartment hunting in Japan? Read this cheat sheet to learn useful terminologies and how to use them in sentences! This blog post includes keywords commonly used and related to apartment hunting and fees. After learning the terminologies, you can check out our guide on sentences formed with the keywords. You can also use the pronunciations available to practice your speech, making it easier to converse in real life.

We will be sharing even more keywords that will certainly help you in your search for the perfect apartment. Be sure to head to part two and three of this series.

Apartment hunting

Here are some apartment hunting keywords you may require:

JapanesePronunciation Meaning
賃貸ちんたい chintaiFor rent
契約けいやく keiyakuContract
不動産屋ふどうさんや fudōsan yaReal estate agent
内見ないけん naikenViewing
物件ぶっけん bukkenProperty
大家おおや ōyaLandlord


Here are some fees related keywords you may require:

家賃やちん yachinRent
管理費かんりひ kanri hiManagement fee
敷金しききん shiki kinSecurity deposit
礼金れいきん rei kinKey money
水道代すいどうだい suidō daiWater bill
光熱費こうねつひ kōnetsu hiUtility bill

Sentence Examples

Now that you know some of the keywords used during apartment hunting, let’s put it together into sentences.

Example 1:

One can say ‘この賃貸物件内見したいです。’

Pronunciation: Kono chintai bukken o naiken shitai desu.

It means ‘I’d like to view this property available for rent.

Example 2:

By saying ‘毎月の家賃はいくらですか。’

Pronunciation: Maitsuki no yachin wa ikura desuka.

It means to ask ‘How much is the monthly rent?

Apartment Hunting FAQs

Do you need to know Japanese to find an apartment in Japan?

You don’t necessarily need to know how Japanese, but it is so much better if you can read Japanese when you are looking for an apartment. Because the pile of paper documents you need to fill up and read are mostly in Japanese.

How to say rent in Japanese?

Rent is chintai in Japanese pronunciation. The kanji for chintai is 賃貸.

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