Apartment Hunting in Japan 3 – Cheat Sheet

In this cheat sheet, you will find more relevant vocabularies for apartment hunting in Japan! Example sentences are also available. The terminologies included are related to the safety and condition of the apartment, which can be used to find out more about the environment and rules of the apartment. Give yourself peace of mind by applying these keywords in the search for your perfect apartment to ensure that it meets your safety measures and requirements!

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Here are some helpful safety-related keywords you may use:

オートロックōtorokkuAuto lock
防犯カメラぼうはん bōhan kamera    Security camera
管理人かんりにん kanrininApartment manager
保証人ほしょうにん hoshōninGuarantor
周辺環境しゅうへんかんきょう shūhen kankyōSurrounding environment


Here are some helpful condition related keywords you may use:

即入居そくにゅうきょsoku nyūkyoImmediate move-in
単身者たんしんしゃ tanshinshaSingle person
女性限定じょせいげんてい jyosei genteiWomen only
ペット可    か petto kaPets allowed
楽器可がっきか gakki kaMusical instruments allowed
事務所利用可じむしょりようか jimusho riyō kaOffice use allowed

Sentence Examples

After learning the terminologies, let us see how it can be used in conversational sentences!

Example 1:

By saying ‘このアパートは防犯カメラがあるので安全です。’

Pronunciation: Kono apāto wa bōhan kamera ga aru node anzen desu.

It means ‘This apartment has a security camera and is therefore safe.’

Example 2:

By saying ‘この物件はペット可ですか。

Pronunciation: Kono bukken wa petto ka desuka.

It means to ask ‘Are pets allowed in this property?’

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