Apartment Hunting in Japan 2 – Cheat sheet

Need help with apartment hunting in Japan? Check out these Japanese words that will help you in your house hunt. We hope that this post will help you to easily understand key vocabulary related to apartment rental and search. Once you learn these words – you can try to form basic Japanese sentences so that you can conduct your home search more easily.

Here is the 2nd part of the apartment hunting cheat sheet that we have created. In this cheat sheet, we will learn keywords related to furniture & facilities that you might require when searching for an apartment. It is important to know the terminology as well as how to use them in sentences to best help you live in Japan.

It can be difficult to search for an apartment if you do not know the proper words and their pronunciation.

Apartment Hunting example sentences –

Here is how you form basic sentences with the terminology

Example 1 :


Kono apāto niwa chūsha jyō ga arimasu.

This apartment has a parking lot.

Example 2 :

このぶっけんか ぐきですか。

Kono bukken wa kagu tsuki desuka.

Does this property come with furniture?


Here are some facility related keywords that you might require :

まどりmadoriFloor plan
ちゅうしゃじょうchūsha jyōParking lot
たくはいボックスtakuhai bokkusuMail Delivery Box
ゴミおきばgomi okibaGarbage Disposal Area


Here are some furniture related keywords that you might require :

か ぐkaguFurniture
かでんkadenHome appliances
おんすいせんじょうべんざonsui senjyō benzaBidet, Washlet

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