Top 5 apps for Kanji Writing

Do you struggle with writing Japanese Kanji?  Can’t seem to grasp how to remember the order of the strokes and positions? Many Japanese learners out there are also feeling the same pain.

With smartphones, desktops and tablets, you can study and practice Japanese kanji wherever you go! You don’t necessarily need to have a quiet environment and a desk to pull out your pen and notebook, just a simple smartphone will do.

In this blog, we have compiled some of the popular Japanese study apps that you can download to kickstart your Kanji learning

Just started learning Japanese? Head to our main article about the Japanese writing system for a more comprehensive guide on hiragana, katakana and kanji!

1. Kaizen Languages: Japanese

Kaizen Languages Japanese app has a Kanji writing section in the app that contains broad study material from JLPT N5 to N1 level. Each JLPT level has more than 10 sets of Kanjis, where you can study the kanjis, take the reading quiz and a writing quiz. When taking the kanji writing quiz, the app provides the English word: the on and kun reading of the kanji. This allows you to guess what kanji to write. If you are ever stuck on the question, you can ask for a hint that displays the dotted line of the kanji, or the individual stroke of the kanji.


The unique characteristic of this Kaizen Japanese app is that you can learn a new language through conversing with their AI robots. Through this method, you can learn Japanese in the most natural way possible, though common Japanese phrases rather than the unnatural textbook phrases not commonly used till this day.


Android – coming soon

2. Learn Japanese! – Kanji

We all know there is no shortcut to learning a language, and in order to do so vocabulary build up is as important as grammar lessons. The great thing about this app is that they make you remember how to write, read, and understanding the vocabulary through repetition. This apps offers a wide array of kanjis from JLPT N5-N1 to practice.


The order of study method with this app is, they first give you two vocabularies they want you to remember. In this case, it is the two kanjis 一(ichi) and 二(ni). Both flashcards contain the kanji, the hiragana reading and the English translation. Each flashcards also have an audio playback function. When you proceed, the app asks you to write and trace the given kanji.


After practicing, the app will test you to match the kanji with the hiragana reading. It also quizes you on the English meaning with the hiragana reading. This app uses a number of combinations to test your knowledge and memorization of the vocabulary. Within the two kanjis, the repetition of quizzing you on kanji will help you to remember the reading, as well as practice writing numerous times.


3. Kanji Teacher – Learn Japanese

Kanji Teacher learning app separates itself from the others in the way that it absolutely does not let you pass onto the next kanji, if you did not write the kanji in the correct order of strokes. If your phone is on a buzzer, it will vibrate, letting you know you missed the right kanji order. After correcting yourself and writing the correct stroke, they will highlight the area where you have made a mistake and you can compare to the current kanji you wrote, opposed to the kanji you wrote wrongly.

Proper steps to write this kanji on the right vs How I wrongly wrote it


Iphone only

4. Kanji GO – Learn Japanese

This app serves as a vocabulary dictionary. Users can look at N5 kanji, understand the meaning in English, as well as memorize the multiple “kun” and “on” readings of the kanji. When studying for the kanji, there is play function, where users are able to see the stroke order of the kanji. The users then can select the pen function where there is the kanji guided line for users to practice writing it themselves. Another benefits of this study app, is that while tracing the guided kanji lines, there is a green and red circle at each end, signaling where to start and end. This is very helpful in helping Japanese learners write the kanji not only for the correct stroke order, but stroke direction as well.

The only downsides of the app is that JLPT N4-N1 are additional paid features, and that the quizzes do not test users on kanji writing, rather the kanji definition, “kun” and “on” readings.



5. imiwa?

Imiwa? app is a superb study app that serves as a dictionary and a kanji learning application as well. You can search words that you do not know, which translates in English for you, and vice versa if you search in English. It also is an educational app for those that are aiming to ace the JLPT exams, where there is a section that seperates all the kanji within the 5 categories. When coming across the unfamiliar kanji, details of “on” and “kun” reading is shown. There is an animated demonstration of writing the kanji. The kanji is also translated in English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish and Portugeuse making the app very globally friendly.


Kanjis categorized in JLPT levels             App used as a dictionary



Bonus: Kanji Practice N1, N2, N4, N5

This is a fun app for users to simple practice writing kanji. You can choose to practice kanji from the 1st to 6th grade elementary kanji. This app is fairly simple, you just select whatever kanji you’d like to go over. The app gives you a variety of pen colors, and you can use that to trace the guided kanji strokes.

The only downsides of this study app is that they do not provide any definitions of explanations of the kanji.


These are just a few samples of many – looking for more suggestions?  We have some other ways to learn and practice Kanji for you 

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