The most difficult Japanese Kanji

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Kanji is hard to learn – do you know what the world’s most difficult Japanese Kanji are?  This blog will show you some of them.

Originated from China, kanji takes a significant part in the Japanese language.  It is widely used in the daily life of the Japanese people.  Usually, a Japanese person grown up speaking Japanese knows about 3500 to 4000 Kanjis.

Although Kanji can be replaced with Hiragana or Katakana, it only makes a sentence harder to read and comprehend. For example, how do you differentiate among 橋 (はし), 箸(はし) or 端(はし) if you express them in hiragana? 

As a result, learning Kanji is very important. In this article, we will show you the most complicated Japanese Kanji. You will understand how fascinating Kanji is.

たいと(taito) is the most difficult Japanese Kanji on the record with a total of 84 strokes. It is formed by combining 3 雲 (くもkumo)  with 3 龍 (りゅうRyuu). 雲means cloud and 龍 means dragon in English.  たいと is said to be a type of Japanese surname. Although this kanji is recorded in the <Rare Surname Dictionary>,  its true existence is still unverifiable.

Feeling mindblown? There are more extremely difficult Japanese kanji! Take a look at each of them and you will understand how interesting kanji can be.


Download the ppt version of these infographics in here:


If you have some basic knowledge in Japanese kanji, you may understand how the meanings of some of these kanji came about. So interesting, aren’t they?

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