Limited Time Only! Boost Your Japanese with Coto’s Special 100-lesson Package Plan

Looking for a way to improve your Japanese while saving up for your holiday shopping spree? At Coto, we don’t want your growth to slow down even as we enter the festive season. We have just the perfect Japanese lesson package plan to keep your gears moving — with the best bang of the buck. 

Frantically making early Christmas chicken reservations at KFC (let’s be real: the rush is real) and searching for the perfect Halloween costume seems like a good-enough excuse to slack off with your Japanese study.

Either way, leveling up your Japanese ability in the cold season is all the reason to not take a break on your Japanese course. You can close the gap between your Japanese target and actual ability by the time New Year in Japan kicks in — and even go further beyond. 

Christmas does, in fact, come early at Coto — and you’re celebrating with us.

Introducing Coto’s special 100-lesson package — available for a limited time

If you’re planning to study Japanese in the long term, you can save big by taking our special package.

Coto’s special 100-lesson package is available for purchase from October to December. How and when plan to use your lesson package is entirely up to you. You can choose between part-time or private lessons. 

Our special offer allows students to reach their Japanese goals at a pace they prefer.  Our incredible native Japanese teachers will just be right beside you throughout the way.  

The earlier you register, the more you’ll get the best deal. Purchasing Coto’s special 100-lesson package for Japanese part-time courses, for example, will get you four free Japanese lessons. 

Part-time Japanese Course

part time japanese lesson special offer

This course is perfect if you have a busy schedule and can’t attend an intensive Japanese course every day. Our part-time Japanese lesson plans will help improve your practical Japanese speaking ability without the intensive, time-consuming commitments. Classes strongly focus on speaking. 

Depending on your learning goals and Japanese level, you will learn new kanjis, grammar, reading, vocabulary, and speaking.

Private Japanese Course

private japanese lesson special offer

We offer tailored and adjustable private Japanese lessons. This course is perfect for students who want to learn Japanese at their own pace. You will have the freedom to ask questions and ask more questions. No distractions — just you on a one-on-one session with one of our native Japanese teachers.

Learn Japanese in Tokyo and Yokohama, the capital hubs of Japan

You can take Japanese lessons at one of our two school locations: Tokyo and Yokohama. Both are regarded as the best Japanese school in their respective areas. With brightly lit classroom spaces and designated student lounges, expect a laidback and calming atmosphere for the best Japanese learning experience. 

※One-time registration fee ¥10,000 registration new students
※Material fee is extra
※Package valid for 12 months after purchase

Our new Shibuya school opens in August!

Learn Japanese in Shibuya or Online.

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