Want to Get 2 Bonus Lessons? Introducing Coto’s 100-lesson Package!

Coto Academy is excited to announce that we are launching our 100-lesson package campaign! This is designed for those of you who want to learn Japanese in the long term. We’ve offered part-time Japanese lessons in Tokyo and Yokohama for a long time. This flexibility gives you the option to study when you want — and where.

Now, you can skip the tedious part of re-registering and focus on your studies.

What’s Coto’s 100-lesson Package?

It’s a bundle of 100 part-time Japanese lessons that you can take any time for a whole year (in a 12-month period). You get to pick what class you want to join and when you want it. No more multiple registrations. 

How Much Does This Package Cost?

This package cost ¥210,000 (roughly 1,435 USD). With this, one lesson will just be ¥2,100.

Do I Get Other Benefits by Purchasing This Package?

Yes! We want to help you achieve your long-term goal of learning Japanese — while saving up and getting rewarded for it.

This is why if you sign up by November, you will get 2 bonus lessons. Technically, this means you’ll have 102 lessons you can join.

coto academy 100 lesson package 2022

Should I Get Coto’s 100-lesson Package?

Part-time lessons at Coto Academy are held in small groups (a maximum of 8 students). We put a strong focus on speaking. It’s a great option for working professionals who can only study in the evening and on weekends.

Getting our 100-lesson package is more convenient for students who would like to take the complicated process of purchasing individual courses out of the equation.

This way, your Japanese studies will both be fun, affordable and convenient. 

So if the Japanese language is part of your long-term goal, we suggest pacing your study plan over the course of one year. This helps you stay consistent with your progress.

In other words, if you love studying with us and see yourself committing to learning Japanese, yes! We recommend you get Coto’s 100-lesson package.

When Does This Campaign End?

Right before Christmas! Purchase is available until December 24, 2022. However, if you get the package on December, you will not get the 2 bonus lessons. We suggest you get it by November to take advantage of this time-limited offer.

What Are The Terms and Conditions?

  • Lessons are valid for 12 months starting from the day of your first lesson.
  • Purchase is available until December 24, 2022.
  • Lessons cannot be converted into private lessons.
  • Only applicable in Coto Academy Iidabashi and Yokohama

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply head to this page to purchase the 100-lesson bundle!

If you have any questions or need our help, send us an email at [email protected]! No matter what, we’ll always be here to support your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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