Necessary Skills for Doing Business in Japan

Posted by on May 27, 2019 – Japanese Study, Life in Japan

Are you thinking of working in a Japanese environment in Japan?
Are you currently working in Japan?
If you are, these are the necessary skill sets you need in order to do business in Japan.

1. Keigo (Polite Language) and formal words 

Keigo (敬語) is an essential element of Japanese business. If you fail to use Keigo expressions you could come across as immature and unprofessional. Keigo is used to show the proper level of respect to your opposite number. Even if you are not using the more extravagant keigo expressions, by having a solid grasp of the fundamental applications of keigo you can ensure that you build good business relationships based on mutual understanding and respect.

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2. Setting-Specific Expressions

In Japanese business there are a range of set expressions for different scenarios, with set greetings which differ depending on whether you are visiting a client, meeting for an appointment or speaking over the phone. These expressions are cemented into business practices so it is important that you master them.

3. Getting Your Point Of View Across

It is essential that you are equipped with expressions for those occasions in business where you need to convey your opinions or ideas. It would be a great shame to have a valuable contribution to make but not be able to express it adequately.

4. An Understanding of Japanese Business Culture and Customs

This point is not directly related to the Japanese language. However, by understanding Japan’s business culture and customs you will make your transition into the Japanese workplace a great deal less stressful and help your business relationships run much more smoothly.

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