Kanji Worksheet Free PDF Download: JLPT N5 – Unit 5: Directions

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Looking to Boost your Kanji in a Kanji Worksheet?

Do you know how to describe and write the position of something in Japanese using directions?

We have a new unit for your Kanji practice and studies! This features N5 Kanji that deal with directions such as up, down, north, south, etc.

This is the fifth unit in a series of free Kanji writing practice sheets that you can download and print. It features N5 Kanji that will appear on the JLPT N5, and mastering these kanji is an important step to passing the test!

You can check out our previously uploaded worksheets as well as look forward to more that we will update soon!

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JLPT N5 free kanji practice worksheet direction 上 下 左 右 北
JLPT N5 free kanji practice worksheet direction 東 西 南 外 中

Check out this article below to learn how to say Directions in Japanese.

Learn how to ask for directions in Japanese!


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