JLPT N5 Practice Test (with Timer!)

Get early access and a limited discount to our new JLPT N5 mock test (available online) and see how you will do on the real exam. Try it before anyone else.

When you buy a JLPT workbook — or take a practice quiz online — how often do you “cheat” by replaying the tracks and stalling time? There are many JLPT N5 mock tests online, but none of them give you the feeling of what the real test will actually be like.

With our practice test, each section is timed and integrated with audio. This pushes you to move on to the next question, mimicking real-life JLPT. 

Here’s What You’ll Get from Coto’s JLPT N5 Mock Test

You won’t make real progress when there’s the opportunity for you to “cheat”. You listen to the listening CD three to four times when it should have been only twice. You don’t record your time because you thought: “As long as I finish the questions, it means I’ll be fine on the test.”

When it comes to true practice, it’s best to set down and treat sample questions as if you are taking the JLPT test for real. So how did we design an online JLPT N5 sample quiz that’s the closest thing to the actual test?

1. Timed quiz sections

Each JLPT section is timed: vocabulary (20 minutes), grammar-reading (40 minutes) and listening (30 minutes). Many test-takers fall into the pit hole of miscalculating their pace — and end up submitting their JLPT answers unfinished.

Even if JLPT N5 is divided into three parts. Each section is timed separately. For example, even if you finish vocabulary 10 minutes earlier, you will need to wait for another 10 minutes to move on to grammar reading. Our JLPT N5 mock test is timed, allowing you to get a good feel for how fast you need to complete each section. 

  • JLPT N5 Mock Test: Vocabulary (文字語彙) 25 minutes
  • JLPT N5 Mock Test: Grammar (文法・読解) 50 minutes
  • JLPT N5 Mock Test: Reading (文法・読解) 50 minutes
  • JLPT N5 Mock Test: Listening (聴解) 30 minutes

2. The same number of questions as the real JLPT N5

Besides knowing the level-appropriate Japanese vocabulary, and reading and listening skills, you will also need to be familiar with the length of the test. Our JLPT N5 practice test covers all sections — with the same number of questions.

No “samples” or sections with only 5 questions.

3. Visual cues for listening questions

The listening section is completed with illustrations — exactly like what you will encounter during the test day.

Become a Beta Tester of Coto’s JLPT N5 Mock Exam

We want you to be the first people to try it out and give feedback on this new launch — if there are any bugs or room for improvement.

This exam is in beta, which is why we are only charging 500 JPY. By paying only less than 4 USD, you will get unlimited access to re-tries in the future.

If you have any comments or notes for our mock exam, email us directly at [email protected].

So log in and test it now!

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How is this N5 mock test different from others available online?

We design our JLPT N5 practice quiz to mimic the real exam. We integrate the questions and sections with audio and a timer, allowing you to gauge your pace and practice answering effectively.

When is the JLPT 2022?

The first JLPT 2022 test falls on Sunday, July 3. Currently, the registration is closed. The second JLPT 2022 test will be on Sunday, December 4.

Is mock test enough to pass the JLPT 2022

Mock tests help you gauge your ability and assess where you need to improve. To study for the JLPT, we recommend using a mix of workbooks, textbooks and other self-study courses. If you need professional help from a native instructor, we have an online JLPT Prep course, which is designed to increase your chance of passing this global-wide exam and reaching your target score.

How many words and kanji do you need for JLPT N5?

You will need to know about 100 kanji and about 800 vocabulary words.

How long does it take to pass the JLPT N5?

It should take roughly around 100 – 200 class hours depending on how you study and what resources you use.

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