Study Japanese After Work in California, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles (PST)

Reconnect with the Japanese culture and language through immersing yourself in an online intensive Japanese course. Achieve maximum progress in minimal time — from anywhere in the world. Designed to dramatically improve your conversational skill, we aim to introduce you to the “real” Japanese.

At Coto Online Academy, we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality Japanese language education — no matter where they live and how busy they are.

We view ourselves as your study partner, and not just your Japanese teacher. Since 2000, our goal is to help create cultural and language barrier-free lives for our students. Whether you’re looking for a lesson after work or university, we have online courses you can join at your convenience.

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What Can You Expect From Studying Japanese With Us

We believe in two things: that learning should be fun, and that whatever you learn could be put to immediate use in conversational situations. Rather than stressing over textbook lessons and mechanical memorization, we focus on creating a relaxed and casual learning environment.

Courses put priority on developing communication skills, helping you gain confidence in speaking Japanese and developing deep cultural awareness.

You will make new friends with other friendly classmates and bond over similar passions. You can expect activities to help you stay motivated and engaged, too: role-plays, group discussions and presentations in different daily (or work) settings. Our attentive instructor will want to support you in reaching your language target by giving personalized feedback and encouraging you to be proactive in class.

Who Do We Recommend Our Intensive Japanese Course To?

  • Working professionals or university students living in U.S. West Coast regon (San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Seattle of the California region) looking to study Japanese in the evening.
  • Individuals who are too busy to commit full-time to a Japanese course but are seeking to dramatically improve their Japanese in a short time.
  • Students who feel motivated when they study in a group and enjoy learning in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Students who want to meet new friends and connect with other international learners.

We have courses for all levels, so even if you have never learned Japanese or studied hiragana and katakana, there’s no prerequisite.

What Makes Us Different?

1. Focus on the “real” Japanese

As a leading Tokyo-based Japanese language school, we are able to introduce you to the layers of Japanese culture and language through our deep familiarity with the country.

Once you have learned the necessary grammar points and key vocabulary, we make sure that you can apply your knowledge immediately. We make sure of this by always including practical Japanese modules and using real-life examples encountered in Japan.

2. Stick to your commitments by studying in the evening

We erase any scheduling conflicts so you can focus on your learning. Most intensive courses are held in the afternoon, but we know that a lot of our students might have commitments during the day.

With our online courses that are held in the evening, you will still have the time to go about doing your daily activities — while making solid progress towards your Japanese language target.

3. Small-sized learning community

We limit each class to eight students (3–6 students on average). Our small-sized class allows us to focus on your growth. You will feel more at ease and have more opportunities to speak Japanese. We also know the importance of collective learning — how the right support from your classmates and teachers plays a big role in your learning progress.

To that, we are proud to nurture a strong sense of community in our class. You will connect like-minded international learners — and even bond similar passions and goals. In fact, a lot of our teachers and classmates formed genuine connections, becoming friends even after the course ends.

4. Fun and interactive Japanese lessons 

At Coto, we view learning as a marathon, not a sprint. This is why know the importance of having an effective teaching method that lets you stay engaged. We try to include as many fun class activities as possible — all while encouraging active learning and listening.

5. Achieve full-time progress in a short period

Our online intensive course lasts for four weeks, but you’ll learn Japanese at a pace quicker than the average. It’s designed to help you achieve your goal and develop deep fluency in Japanese in the shortest possible time.

Format For Online Intensive Japanese Course

Lessons last for 4 weeks and are held 5 days a week on the weekdays (Monday to Friday). Depending on the level and class you enroll at, morning and evening courses are available. 

Lessons are conducted via Zoom. We will use a mix of self-developed class materials, including our original Minna no Nihongo textbook, and the Genki textbook series.

online study japanese in seattle los angeles california

Upcoming 2022 Online Japanese Course

The lesson lasts for four weeks, including national holidays. New terms will open every month, and we are planning to expand options for our online intensive courses.

Some classes may get filled out fast. To secure a spot, we advise you to register three weeks in advance before the starting date. 

intensive online japanese course schedule for 2022

February 2022 Online Intensive Course

Time is listed on Pacific Time Zone (PST), standardized for individuals living on the East Coast of the United States who are looking for an online Japanese course. For the schedule listed in Eastern Time Zone (Boston, New York, D.C., Philadelphia or surrounding areas), visit this blog post.

Start date: February 7 – March 4 | Monday – Friday

Beginner 2

Material: Genki L6-9
Time: 18:10-20:00 (PST)

Beginner 6

Material: Genki 21-23
Time: 21:10-23:00 (PST)

How to Sign Up for Online Japanese Course

The course fee for intensive courses is approximately 527 USD (60,000 JPY).

To sign up, you can visit our contact page here. We provide other options for online group and private courses, with levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Visit our course page here.

For any questions, you can also reach us through email at [email protected].

About Coto Japanese Academy

Coto Japanese Academy is a top Japanese language school based in Iidabashi, Tokyo. Established in 2000, we’ve since expanded our language school to locations in Yokohama and Azabujuban.

We offer relaxed and fun conversational lessons for all levels of Japanese learners. We pride ourselves on our community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on the creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese. If you are interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo, please visit our contact page.

Not sure about your Japanese level? Take our free Japanese level assessment

What’s your Japanese learning goal and how far away are you from it? If you’re unsure where you are, we provide a free Japanese level check. After that, you can book a free consultation with our course coordinator. From here, we want to hear about your schedule and preferences and suggest the best lesson plan for you.

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you achieve your Japanese language target.

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