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Japanese Essentials: How to go about ordering Sushi at a Restaurant

Origins of Sushi Walking into a Sushi Restaurant Appreciating your Sushi Types of Sushi Meals Frequently Asked Questions regarding eating Sushi Conclusion   Origins of Sushi Sushi embarked its journey around the 8th century in Japan. Since then, it has reached the stomach of many people around the world. The word “Sushi” is definitely not […]
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Knowing how to say "No" in Japanese

Saying 'no' in Japan is a tricky subject. The Japanese will rarely give a direct no to an answer, preferring instead to give an indirect answer that conveys the message of no.
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How to Introduce Yourself in Japanese! Jikoshoukai (自己紹介)

Are you going to live in Japan? Better prepare yourself with a Japanese self-introduction – a jikoshoukai. Having this language knowledge early in your Japanese study will help you establish yourself among Japanese friends and colleagues.  In various contexts in Japan (such as school, work, parties, etc.) you will need to introduce yourself. What should […]
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Learning to say Good Morning in Japanese: Ohayougozaimasu, Ohayou

Greeting in the Morning Be the first to say it! Other Morning Greetings In a Working Environment… Greeting in the Morning Ohayou gozaimasu! おはようございます! Good morning! Having a good command of Japanese greetings is the first step towards building smooth relationships in Japan. Whether you are coming for a short trip or for a few […]
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How to Use Japanese Honorific Titles: San, Sama, Kun and Chan

If you have heard san, sama, kun and chan before, then you know that in Japan, you just simply do not call people by their names! Or you would be very rude. Indeed, to address someone or speak about someone, you need to use the “Japanese honorific title”. To navigate Japanese society smoothly, you should […]
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Interview with Marina, Fashion designer in Japan

Half Spanish and Russian, Marina grew up in a creative and multicultural environment between Switzerland, Spain and Russia. She studied in an Haute Couture School in Paris, focused on Fashion Design. With foreign cultures as a strong inspiration, she particularly admired Japan and she decided to focus her new collection on Japanese culture. What inspires […]
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Japanese "Kira Kira" Names – A New Trend In Japanese Culture

  IntroductionWhat exactly are the “Kira Kira” Names (キラキラネーム)?Why the “Kira Kira” Names?“Kira Kira” Names 2015 Ranking! What Are Japanese Kira Kira Names? Lately, trending Japanese baby names are shifting towards a new unknown level of weirdness. Ever heard of “Kira Kira” names? Literally meaning “sparkly” or “shiny”, those are bizarre names sounding completely different from […]
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Japanese hospitality: Oshibori

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Japan? For me, it’s definitely the Japanese hospitality! Oshibori! Imagine if you are really cold right now, what would be the thing you yearn for the most? Warmth! That’s right! Especially when you are cold and hungry, you will naturally head […]
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Japanese Business Phrases at Work: お先に失礼します(Osaki ni Shitsureishimasu)

How to Use: お先に失礼します! (Osaki ni Shitsureishimasu!) Ended Work…?Meaning of お先に失礼します(Osaki ni Shitsureishimasu)…Replying to Osaki ni Shitsureishimasu…Leaving for a Short Trip/Errand… Ended Work…? Finally you’re done with your tasks of the day. The clock is ticking the end of your shift. Among the lucky ones, you are working in a good company. You don’t have to […]
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Celebrate Spring with the Japanese Holiday: 春分の日 (Shunbun no Hi)!

What is 春分の日 (Shunbun no Hi)? Cultural Beliefs The Japanese Calendar sure can be a wonder for those who enjoy learning about the Japanese culture and traditions. Every month, with the exception of June, has a holiday. and with 20th March just around the corner lies the Spring Equinox Day, 春分の日.   What is 春分の日 (Shunbun no […]
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Otsukaresama desu – Japanese Business Phrases at Work: お疲れ様です!

Otsukaresama desu is a key phrase that you will need to master if you plan to work in a Japanese office.
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How to Prepare For a Japanese Job Interview?

Preparing for your Japanese Job Interview? If you’ve been dreaming of working in Japan, and you’ve finally received a job interview proposition, then now is the time to learn how to prepare for a Japanese job interview.If you are not familiar with how you can work in Japan, check out our guide for working in […]
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