Signs in Japanese: What to do & to avoid

Need help learning signs in Japanese? Check out the cheat sheet below that includes vocabulary for different sign types!

We have listed some of the most common signs that can be found all over Japan.

Road signs in Japan show the rules and regulation of each road in order to keep road conditions safe, as well as prevent dangers on traffic. Not only is it important for you to recognize these signs, but you’ll also need to know how they’re translated into Japanese.

Once you have gone through the different signs, do head out and try to practice identifying the various signs and say them in Japanese!

How to use the Japanese Signs Vocabulary in a sentence?

Example 1 :


Chūsha kinshi no sain ga arunode, chūsha suru koto wa dekimasen.

There is a “no vehicle parking” sign, so you are not allowed to park here.

Example 2 :


Kono dōro wa kōjichū desu.

This road is under construction.

Japanese Signs Vocabulary – Prohibition Signs

no entry sign in Japanたちいりきんしtachi iri kinshiNo entry
No littering sign in Japanポイすてきんしpoi sute kinshiNo littering
no bike parking sign in Japanちゅうりんきんしchūrin kinshiNo bike parking
no parking sign in Japanちゅうしゃきんしchūsha kinshiNo vehicle parking
きんえんkin en No smoking
no flash sign in Japanフラッシュさつえいきんしfurasshu satsuei kinshiNo flash
no photos/video sign in Japanさつえいきんしsatsuei kinshiNo photos/videos

Japanese Signs Vocabulary – Caution Signs

だんさにちゅういdansa ni chūiWatch your step
under inspection sign in Japanてんけんちゅうtenken chūUnder inspection
cleaning in progress sign in Japanせいそうちゅうseisō chūCleaning in progress
security camera in use sign in Japanかんしカメラさどうちゅうkanshi kamera sadō chūSecurity Camera in use
under construction sign in japanこうじちゅうkōji chūUnder Construction

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