Japanese Hotel Room Amenities Vocabulary 2 – Cheat Sheet

So you’re checking into a Japanese inn (りょかん), or maybe you’re researching about the hotel industry in Japan. We need to make sure you’re all geared up. Our Japanese hotel room amenities vocabulary cheat sheet covers all the necessary Japanese vocabulary for hotel room types and toiletries.

Fumbling in Japanese while handing your passport. Getting tongue-tied when you’re trying to make a request at the front desk. We’ve all been there, done that. it stands to reason that understanding these terminologies will smoothen your hotel experience in Japan. So, learning them will help you get over the fear of the language barrier, make you more confident when you’re standing in the hotel lobby—and possibly avoiding public humiliation.

You can also practice these terminologies together with your family, friends who are visiting Japan together with you, or anyone interested in Japanese.

Japanese vocabulary can be difficult to learn, but practice makes perfect. This is part one of the cheat sheet for the Japanese hotel room amenities vocabulary, so make sure you don’t go ahead without visiting part one.

How to use the terminology in a sentence?

Example 1 :


Terebi ga nani ka okashī yōdesu. Naoshite itadakemasu ka?

There is something wrong with the TV. Could you come and fix it now?

Example 2 :

Wi-Fi がつながらないです。つかかたえてください。

Wi-fi ga tsunagaranaidesu. Tsukaikata o oshietekudasai.

I cannot connect to the WiFi. Could you tell me how to use the network?

Japanese Hotel Room Amenities Vocabulary 2 –

コップkoppuGlass (cup)
ミニバーminibāMini bar
ティーバッグtībagguTea bag
ゆわかしきyuwakashikiElectric kettle
でんげんdengenElectrical power
コンセントkonsentoPower plug

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