Japanese Airport Vocabulary 2 – Cheat Sheet

Want to learn more about airport vocabulary? Find out more in this cheat sheet, where we cover the takeoff and in-flight procedures! Pronunciation, meaning, and example sentences are all provided to help boost your spoken and written Japanese levels. Do check out the first part of our Japanese airport vocabulary cheat sheet if you have yet to do so!

As the airport follows a tight schedule to prevent delay, you need to always arrive at the boarding gate 搭乗口(とうじょうぐち tōjō guchi) early before the flight takes off! If there is a long waiting time before your boarding time, feel free to shop around in the duty-free stores 免税店 (めんぜいてん menzeiten), which can be found all over the airport.

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Take off 離陸 (りりく ririku)

Here are some take-off related vocabularies:

出発ロビーしゅっぱつ shuppatsu robīdeparture lobby
出国審査しゅっこくしんさ shukkoku shinsaimmigration (departure from a country)
外貨両替がいかりょうがえ gaika ryōgaecurrency exchange
免税店めんぜいてん menzeitenduty-free store
待合室まちあいしつ machiai shitsuwaiting room
搭乗口とうじょうぐち tōjō guchiboarding gate
優先搭乗ゆうせんとうじょう yūsen tōjōpriority boarding
離陸りりく ririkutaking off

In flight 飛行中 (ひこうちゅう hikō chū)

Here are some in flight related vocabulary:

客室乗務員きゃくしつじょうむいん kyakushitsu jōmuinflight attendant
機長(キャプテン)きちょう kichō (kyaputen)captain
機内食きないしょく kinaishokuin-flight meal
機内免税品販売きないめんぜいひんはんばい kinai menzeihin hanbaiduty free sales

Example Sentences

Here is how you apply the terms in sentences:

Example 1:

By saying: ‘搭乗口へは出発時刻の10分前までにお越しください。’

Pronunciation: tōjō guchi he wa shuppatsu jikoku no 10-bu mae made ni okoshi kudasai.

It means: ‘Please arrive at the boarding gate at least 10 minutes before departure time.’

Example 2:

By saying: ‘出発ロビーに行く前に免税店で家族のお土産を買いました。’

Pronunciation: shuppatsu robī ni iku mae ni menzei ten de kazoku no omiyage wo kaimashita.

It means: ‘I bought souvenirs at the duty-free store for my family before heading to the departure lobby.’

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