Japanese Vocabulary 3: Words and Phrases in Airports

How do you say “cabin” in Japanese? In this cheat sheet, we have a list of the most common Japanese vocabulary about airports to help you be ready to take off.

When travelling in airlines such as ANA or Japan airlines, it can be useful to know the Japanese terms for the various cabin-related terminology.

Flight travels might come to a halt because of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare yourself for the next time you’re traveling to and from Japan.

For example, knowing the Japanese term for “overhead storage compartment” (キャビン) can help you communicate with the person seating next to you if they’re Japanese.

Importantly, we want to make sure your journey goes smoothly by learning a few useful Japanese words before you depart!

In case you miss them, check out the first and second part of our Japanese airplane vocabulary series.

Japanese Airport Vocabulary –

にもつだなnimotsudanaOverhead storage compartment
シートベルトshītoberutoSeat Belt
ひじょうぐちhijōguchiEmergency exit
にゅうこくしんさnyūkoku shinsaImmigration
にゅうこくードnyūkoku kādoImmigration card
ぜいかんしんこくしょzeikan shinkokushoCustoms declaration
てにもつうけとりしょtenimotsu uketorishoBaggage Claim
とうちゃくロビーtōchaku robīArrival Lobby

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