The Perfect SIM Card For Your Travel in Japan

Getting a SIM Card in Japan
Introducing Japan Unlimited

Getting a SIM Card in Japan

Will you be visiting Japan for a short trip, or a long stay sometime soon? If you are already in Japan, you might have tried to get a Japanese SIM card. Getting a SIM Card in Japan is one of the essential things to be able to make calls, send text messages and surf the net.

However, getting a Japanese SIM card can be really difficult as a tourist. This is as most mobile providers require a Japanese credit card and a Residents’ Visa. Not to mention the paperwork involved for applying and canceling the SIM Card. This can be troublesome and confusing if English customer support is not available.

Luckily, companies such as Mobal do offer special deals and offers. In this way, it is actually possible to get a handy SIM Card with great call quality, fast data speeds and excellent network coverage in Japan, and at a good deal! You will be able to get a Japanese phone number for easy identification too.

Introducing Japan Unlimited

Through a partnership with Mobal, SoftBank is now offering the ‘Japan Unlimited SIM Card’. Japan Unlimited is perfect if you are visiting Japan for anywhere between a few days to a few months or even years! It’s really easy to order – & easy to cancel when you leave Japan! Plus, you get totally unlimited data and unlimited free incoming calls & texts.
Here are some of its features:

  • Unlimited data, use as much data as you like without fear of unexpected bills (15 days, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and longer)
  • Get a Japanese phone number & free incoming calls
  • No contract, no termination fees – cancel anytime
  • English language customer support
  • Perfect for short trips & long-term visitors to Japan

‘Japan Unlimited’ is one of our highly recommended SIM Cards. It is user-friendly, especially for foreigners living in Japan. With its flexible application and cancellation policy, you will be able to make calls, text messages and surf the web with ease.

New Voice & Data Sim plans 

As of October 2021, Mobal plans to launch 4 x new ‘Voice & Data’ sim plans for which commissions of 1500 yen will be paid for each successful referral.

The new plans are as follows on the Softbank network:

  • 1GB/ 1,480 yen (data slows to 200 kbps)
  • 5GB/ 2,980 yen (data slows to 200 kbps)
  • 10GB/ 3,280 yen (data slows to 200 kbps)
  • 30GB/ 4,380 yen (data slows to 200 kbps)

In addition to the above, Mobal will continue to pay a one-time commission of 10% on any short-term/data sim sold through the above link. This is along with a 10% fee on the line rental of their new WiFi product launched in early 2021, payable from the 2nd month of usage

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