Going on a "Japanese Learning Tour" – 3 Ideas for Learning Japanese on your next visit to Japan

If you are learning to speak Japanese – you will want to visit Japan to practice.
There are not many places in the world that have a high concentration of Japanese native speakers aside from Japan.
This article will give you several ideas of activities to jump-start your Japanese practice while you are visiting Japan.

Ideas for Studying Japanese on a short-term holiday


1) Practice Japanese at the onsen (Japanese Hot Spring)

Chances are – visiting a Japanese hotspring is something that you have been looking forward to. If you are flying from Narita – there is an easy way to cross this off of your list – while at the same time – relaxing from your long haul flight.

Narita airport is named after the smaller city of Narita in Chiba Prefecture and it happens to have one of the best tattoo-friendly onsen in the Tokyo area.



Getting to Narita is simple – there are two train lines that can take you from the airport terminal to “Narita” city center.

You can find both by visiting google maps at this link 

Narita is home to a famous tattoo-friendly onsen called Yamato no Yu – pictured below – it is a natural hot spring or “onsen” that is accepting of foreign guests with tattoos – and the friendly staff will even allow you to practice your Japanese with them.  🙂
If you are looking for more tattoo-friendly onsen – you can find them at our blog at this link.

2) Volunteer on a Japanese Farm

Many passports will allow up to a 90-180 day stay in Japan without a visa as part of being a tourist.  Did you know that there are many Japanese farms that will host guests with free room and board for volunteering? This is a fantastic option for anyone looking to boost their Japanese learning.
Midori Farm is a Japanese Not-For-Profit dedicated to the rural renewal of Japanese farming.  You can volunteer as well as apply for a “farm experience” as a tourist.  They offer short term programs for international visitors.
You can learn more here: https://www.workaway.info/en/host/276966154896

3) Go for a run in Tokyo with Japanese runners

Image result for tokyo marathon
Did you know that Japan has a huge running culture?  The Hakone Eki-den(An annual collegiate footrace relay from Tokyo to Hakone and Back) is basically the Japanese version of the Superbowl (An annual collegiate footrace).
Japan has the most # of amateur marathon finishers globally out of every country in the world.
There are many meetups – running clubs – and language exchanges that involve running in and around Tokyo.
If you would like to enter a Japanese race – there are several sites that will allow you to register for Marathons in Japan.
Are you interested in short-term Japanese lessons in Tokyo?  Click the link below to learn more

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