Facial Features in Japanese – How to Say Nose, Mouth, Eyes… in Japanese? – Illustrated Guide

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In Japanese, there are many expressions that use facial features and body parts to convey meanings.

In this blog article, you will be learning the facial features in Japanese.

You will also be learning some Japanese expressions which include facial features.

Facial Features in Japanese

 Japanese Pronunciation English
 かお  Kao  Face
 かみのけ  Kaminoke  Hair
 おでこ  Odeko  Forehead
 め  Me  Eyes
 まぶた  Mabuta  Eyelid
 まつげ  Matsuge  Eyelash
 まゆげ Mayuge  Eyebrow
 はな Hana  Nose
みみ Mimi Ears
 くち  Kuchi  Mouth
 くちびる  Kuchibiru  Lips
 は  Ha  Teeth
あご Ago Chin


This is a list of 13 Japanese words for facial features.

Feeling overwhelmed? Refer to the infographic below to help you memorize these words!

Facial Features in Japanese, image, picture, photo, illustration

Facial Features in Japanese

Expressions that Include Facial Features

顔(かお)に泥(どろ)を塗(ぬ)る  Kaoni doroo nuru

Literal Meaning: To daub someone’s face with mud.
Figurative meaning: To make someone lose face.

A similar expression is:

顔(かお)を潰(つぶ)す Kaoo tsubusu

Literal meaning: To destroy someone’s face.
Figurative meaning: To make someone lose face.


顔(かお)が広(ひろ)い Kaoga hiroi

Literal meaning: To have a wide face.
Figurative meaning: To know many people.


耳(みみ)が痛(いた)い  Mimiga itai

Literal meaning: Ears hurt.
Figurative meaning: To feel ashamed to hear something.


目(め)を通(とお)す Meo toosu

Literal meaning: To go through one’s eyes.
Figurative meaning: To read through something.


鼻(はな)で笑(わら)う Hanade warau

Literal meaning: Laugh with the nose.
Figurative meaning: To sneer at someone.


鼻(はな)が高(たか)い Hanaga takai

Literal meaning: to have a tall nose.
Figurative meaning: To be proud of.


口(くち)が軽(かる)い Kuchiga karui

Literal meaning: to have a light mouth.
Figurative meaning: To have a loose tongue.


After learning the facial features in Japanese, what about body parts in Japanese?

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