Body Parts in Japanese – How to Say “head, hand ,leg…” in Japanese

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In the previous blog, we introduced some facial features in Japanese, in this blog, you will be learning the various body parts in Japanese.

You will also be learning some Japanese expressions which include the use of body parts


List of basic words for body parts in Japanese

 Japanese Pronunciation English
あたま Atama Head
くび Kubi Neck
かた Kata Sholders
むね Mune Chest
うで Ude Arms
ひじ Hiji Elbows
 おなか Onaka Stomach
こし Koshi Waist
Te Hands
あし(脚) Ashi Legs
あし(足) Ashi  Feet
ふともも Futomomo Thighs



Let’s take a look at this infographic to help you memorize these words

Body Parts in Japanese - How to Say "head, hand ,leg..." in Japanese

Body Parts in Japanese

Expressions with the use of body parts


頭(あたま)がいい Atamaga ii.

Literal meaning: To have a good head.
Figurative meaning: To be smart.


クビ(くび)になる Kubininaru

Literal meaning: To become a neck.
Figurative meaning: To get fired.


胸(むね)をなでおろす Muneo nadeorosu

Literal meaning: To stroke down one’s chest.
Figurative meaning: To feel relieved.

腕(うで)が鳴(な)る Udega naru

Literal Meaning: Arms make sounds.
Figurative Meaning: To feel tempted to show off one’s skill.

おなかがすく Onakaga Suku

Literal meaning: Stomach is empty.
Figurative meaning: To feel hungry.

手(て)が早(はや)い Tega hayai

Literal meaning: To have a fast hand.
Figurative meaning: Being able to do something quickly.

足(あし)が棒(ぼう)になる Ashiga bouninaru

Literal meaning: Feet become sticks.
Figurative meaning: To get stiff legs.


You have come to the end of this blog post. Now that you have learned the vocabularies and expressions for body parts, what about the facial features?

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