How to say "Excuse me, you dropped this" in Japanese

Have you ever encountered a situation in Japan where you were walking on the street and saw someone dropped something out of his pocket, you wanted to notice that person but did not know what to say in Japanese? In this article, we will be teaching you how to say” you dropped something” in Japanese.

Get the person’s attention first

The first thing you should do when you see someone dropped something is to get the person’s attention. In English, we often use the phrase “excuse me” to start off a conversation with a stranger. Similarly, In Japanese, we use “すみません(sumimasen) which means “sorry”. So, get the person’s attention by saying “すみません” to the person first.

Tell the person that he/she dropped something

when the person turns to you, like how you say “you dropped something” when you see someone drop something, you should say “これ、落としましたよ(kore, otoshimashitayo)” where “これ (kore)” refers to “this” and “落としましたよ(otoshimashitayo)” means “(you) dropped”.
Putting the 2 phrases together:
(sumimasen, kore, otoshimashitayo)
Excuse me, you dropped this.
Let’s watch a fun video to recap on what you have learned:

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