Coto's event in February 2016

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Monthly Events at Coto

We are planning the following events in February.

Please send your request for participation to [email protected]

Lunch Tour in Kagurazaka

Thursday, February 4th, 12:30-13:50

Let’s discover the very popular Kagurazaka area, also called the Little Paris, with a touch of Edo era. Every month we organize a lunch tour to discover the delicious food of this area close to our school. In February, try the meat speciality of the Shouzantei. This nice restaurant has recently changed its menu and get more and more popularity. In an elegant atmosphere, take the time to enjoy the Japanese cuisine. A vegetarian menu is also available! Please do not hesitate to book at the reception (3F).

Thursday, February 4th
-Time: 12:30-13:50
-Meeting place: Coto Academy 1F
-Fee: about 1500yen
-Number of people: Max 20 people
-Restaurant: 翔山亭, Shouzantei, 8 min from Coto Japanese Academy


Sumo Tournament

Sunday, February 7th, 13:00 – 17:30, Ryōgoku Kokugikan

Have you seen a sumo tournament before?

Coto Japanese Academy has reserved tickets for a special tournament that takes place only once a year for one day in February! If you have never enjoyed a sumo game before, do not miss this great chance to discover and enjoy watching this Japanese sport. During the event, we will hold a quiz for Coto students. The winners will receive special prizes…

We have a limited number of tickets for this very popular event and booking will be close when all the tickets are sold. Reserve soon!

Sunday, February 7th

-Time: 13:00 – 17:00
-Meeting place: 13:00, in front of the entrance of Ryōgoku Kokugikan (5 min from Ryōgoku station)
-Fee: 3200yen → 2500yen (special price for our students!)
-Number of people: max 70 people
-Learn about last year’s sumo tournament: Sumo


Cooking class! Kazari norimaki!

Wednesday, February 10th, 12:40-13:55  Coto Japanese Academy 1F

Learn how to prepare maki easy for your home parties!

There are many ways of preparing Japanese sushi and every month we organize a cooking class perfect for you to learn more about it! This month we introduce the way to make “kazari norimaki”. Once you have learned it, you will never forget! Have fun learning how to cook with us and take up the challenge to create maki beautiful for the eye and delicious for your palate!

Wednesday, February 10th
-Time: 12:40-13:50
-Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
-Fee: 2500yen
-Number of people: Max 9 people
-Instructor: Emiko Shimizu


Calligraphy Class
Wednesday, February 17th 12:40-13:55  Coto Japanese Academy 1F

Experience the traditions of Japan and participate to our calligraphy class!

Every month Coto Japanese Academy hold a calligraphy class. Learn the basics of calligraphy along with the artistic way of writing kanji, you will practice three characters. The instructor, Wakana Shingae, is a professional calligrapher. Booking at the reception (3F)

This month kanji: 愛 心 福

Wednesday, February 17th
-Time: 12:40-13:55
-Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
-Fee: 2500yen
-Number of people: Max 10 people
-Instructor: Wakana Shingae


Skiing & snowboarding tour in a onsen resort!

Saturday – Sunday February 20 & 21, Niigata Prefecture

For the 4th time, we organize a ski and snowboarding trip in Niigata (2 days, 1 night trip).Three staffs from Coto Japanese Academy are joining you for this great weekend. During our bus trip to Niigata, we hope you will join us to sing karaoke! It is a great opportunity to  improve your Japanese while skiing in the beautiful Japanese mountains, famous for their slopes and good snow. After the exercise, enjoy resting yourself in the great onsen (hot springs). Beginner welcomed!

  • Date: February Saturday and Sunday 20th & 21st
  • Meeting: 6:05 AM Coto Japanese Academy 1F
  • Hotel: Niigata prefecture, Ikenotaira onsen ski resort in Niigata prefecture
  • Fees: 32500円 (includes rental ski /board, lift pass, bus round trip ticket, 1 hotel night with 2 meals and insurances)
  • Number:Max 25 people


Please send your request for participation to [email protected]!

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