Coto Japanese Academy's coming events! in May 2015

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Monthly Events at Coto

Cooking class 料理クラス

Wednesday, May 13th 12:40-13:55 in Coto Japanese Academy
Did you know that there are various different ways to make sushi? These include nigiri-zushi, maki-zushi, temaki-zushi, chirashi-zushi, and oshi-zushi. In this event, we will create an oshi-zushi design that is a real eye-pleaser. Once you’ve learned how to make it, it is easy to make this dish at home too. We can create interesting designs based on your ideas! We look forward to seeing you at this event.
-Time: 12:40 13:55
-Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
-Fee: 2500yen
-Number of people: 9
-Instructor: Emiko Shimizu

Awaodori night 阿波踊りナイト!

Saturday, May 16th 18:30-21:00 in Shinjuku
Do you know Awaodori? Have you seen it ?
Awaodori is a traditional and popular Japanese dance from Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku.
In this event, you can have Tokushima’s cuisine and can see the Awaodori dance and try out the dance together!
Our staff Maiko Ichikawa will support you how to dance.
◇徳島県の料理、“阿波踊り” 見て踊って楽しみましょう!
-Saturday, May 16th -Meeting: At 18:30
In front of “Studio ALTA” 1min from Shinjuku East exit.
-Time: 18:45- 21:00
-Place: Restaurant “Shinjuku Awaodor”
-Fee: 4500yen food and all you can drink
-Number of people: 30
-Please sign up fast as we will close registration once we hit 30 people.
-Our staff Ichikawa Maiko will teach you how to dance Awaodori !!
If you would like to join, Please email [email protected]!

Calligraphy class 書道クラス

Tuesday, May 19th 12:40-13:55 in Coto Japanese Academy
Wakana Niigae, a professional shodo artist will be joining us to teach a special Japanese calligraphy class.
-Time: 12:40 13:55
-Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
-Fee: 2500yen
-Number of people: 10
-Instructor: Wakana Shingae
Wakana Shingae 新ヶ江若菜
Born 1984 Saga, Saga Prefecture
Started calligraphy at the age of seven, on the recommendation of my parents.
Saga Kita Senior High School, from which I graduated, has been the highest ranking school in the All Japan Shodo Contest for 20 consecutive years, from the first contest through to 2015. Since joining university, I have created various kinds of works. I strive to create pieces that are out of the box. Until the end of the last academic year, I worked as a calligraphy teacher in a private senior high school.
Main Achievements:
Contributed works to the live tour goods for Tomoyasu Hotei
Live calligraphy for two years running at Kanazawa Zoo Yokohama City Park
In charge of the package titles for Nichiren sect DVDs
Contributed works to movie costumes
Creation of signage and menus for the food and beverage industry
Let’s spend a fun time together working with calligraphy!
We are looking forward to having you join us!

Mt. Mitou Hiking and Onsen trip! 三頭山ハイキング&温泉ツアー

Sunday, May 24th
Now is the best time of year to hike in Japan’s beautiful mountains, so please join us on our hiking trip to Mt. Mitou on Sunday, May 24th
Mt. Mitou (三頭山)is located in the Okutama area in Tokyo and it is a 2.5 hour bus ride from Iidabashi. After hiking, we will go to an onsen to refresh ourselves!
If you can join us, please email us at: [email protected]
We look forward to enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery with you!
—-Mt. Mitou Hiking and Onsen Trip——
Date: Sunday, May 24th
Meeting place: 1F at Coto Japanese Academy
Meeting time: 7:40 AM sharp!
Fee: About 5500yen (includes the transportation fee, Onsen and drinks on the bus)
B.Y.O: Lunch, rain jacket, sunglasses, hiking shoes (jogging shoes are also okay), mats and trash bags (Trash can not be discarded and must be taken home) as well as towels for the onsen.
mt fuji
We will update about all of you about the details soon!
If you are interested in joining this event, please email us at [email protected]

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