Coto Events in March 2017

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Monthly Events at Coto

We are planning the following events in March 2017. Please send your request for participation to [email protected]!

Lunch Tour in Kagurazaka

Thursday, March 9

Lunch tour

Have you ever been to Kagurazaka? It is an enchanting neighborhood located 5 minutes walking from the Coto Japanese Academy, where you can find many shops, fancy cafés, traditional and modern restaurants. Every month, we organize a lunch tour in one of the many delicious restaurants around this place. If you want to join the September tour and discover Kagurazaka, mail us and make your reservation now!

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  • Date: Thursday, March 9
  • Time: 12:30~13:50
  • Meeting place: 12:30 at the 1F of the Coto Japanese Academy
  • Place: Shozantei
  • Fee: 1520 yen (depends on your order)
  • Number of participants: 20 people

Pera Pera Active Learning Night!

Saturday, March 11

Have you heard of the Japanese word “Perapera” ? It is used to describe someone who speaks a language very well! Coto’s Pera Pera Party is the perfect time for you to have a go at conversation in Japanese. Get the chance to practice your speaking with 20 Japanese native speakers and to chat about many topics in Japanese. During English speaking time… it will be your turn to be a teacher!

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  • Date: Saturday, March 11
  • Time: 18:15-21:15
  • Place: Coto Japanese Academy  1F
  • Fee: 1500yen for Coto students, 2000yen for non students/Japanese
  • Number of people: Japanese speakers 20, Non Japanese speakers 20

Cooking class! 

Wednesday, March 15



There are many ways of preparing Japanese sushi and every month we organize a cooking class perfect for you to learn more about it! This month, we introduce the way to make “shikaimaki”.Once you’ve learned how to make it, it is easy to make this dish at home too. We can create interesting designs based on your ideas! We look forward to seeing you at this event.

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  • Date: Wednesday, March 15
  • Time: 12:40 – 13:55
  • Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
  • Fee: 2500 yen
  • Number of participants: up to 9 people
  • Instructor: Emiko Shimizu (teacher from Coto)

Ikebana Experience

Saturday, March 18

Ikebana (the art of flower arrangement) is very well known as one of the traditional Japanese culture. Have you ever experienced it? You will be able to learn the basic shapes of Ikebana and bring them back home with you!

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Date: Saturday, March 18
Time: 10:00 – 13:00

  • Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
  • Fee: 3500 yen
  • Number of participants: up to 12 people
  • Instructor: Kobo Miyazaki


Calligraphy Class 

Wednesday, March 22


If you are interested in learning how to draw each and every stroke in the Japanese Kanji character, this event is for you! Every month, Coto Japanese will hold a calligraphy class. Learn the basics of calligraphy along with the artistic way of writing kanji, you will be practicing on three characters as shown below. The instructor, Wakana Shingae, is a professional calligrapher. Grab this opportunity to experience the traditions of Japan and participate in our calligraphy class! Booking available at the reception (3F).

This month’s kanji: 春 風 桃

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  • Day: Wednesday, March 22
  • Time: 12:40 – 13:55
  • Place: Coto Japanese Academy 1F
  • Fee: 2500 yen
  • Number of participants: up to 10 people
  • Instructor: Wakana Shingae

Ohanami party in Kitanomaru park

Sunday, April 2

Let’s enjoy the beginning of Spring together and have fun in Kitanomaru park, one of the most beautiful parks in Tokyo! Bring your own food and drinks to share a snack with Coto staff and students under the cherry blossoms. Games will be organized to even practice Japanese! Join us!

  • Date: Sunday, April 2
  • Time: 12:00-16:30
  • Place: Kitanomaru park (8 min from station Kudanshita exit 2)
  • Fee: No fee, please bring your own food and drinks! 

It might be a little bit cold, make sure to bring a jacket ! In accordance to the theme, let’s all wear something PINK for the day! It could anything from a backpack to your top.

Apply quickly at [email protected]!

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