Bring Your Friend to Japan Campaign and Get 20,000 Yen!

If you’re an aspiring student looking to study in Japan for a year or more, then you’re in luck! We want to introduce you to Coto School Finder — a program offered by Coto Japanese Academy to assist students in finding the perfect Japanese language school for their needs.

As a Japanese language school ourself, we want to make learning Japanese as accessible to everyone. Coto School Finder provides a hassle-free way for you to explore a range of carefully selected Japanese language schools throughout Japan that provides a student visa. With our team of experienced coordinators who are familiar with Japanese language schools, we will guide you through the application process free of charge.

Our service includes:

  • Free online consultation. Our coordinators will want to learn more about your plans in Japan and preferences in order to recommend a school that’s perfect for you.
  • Document preparation and application support — nothing gets lost in translation!
  • Communication with school and bilingual support (English and Japanese)
  • Three online lessons from Coto Academy if you enrolled through us!

Why Use Coto School Finder?

Coming to Japan and starting your application can seem scary. You first have to pick the right language school that fits your goal, location and preference. Next, doing your school and visa application is often a complicated process.

With Coto School Finder, we want to make studying Japanese in Japan easy. Partnering with almost 20 Japanese language schools, You’ll receive all the necessary assistance to secure your visa, from application to the classroom.

One of the greatest advantages of using Coto School Finder is that their staff members are fluent in both English and Japanese, which means they can easily communicate with the schools on your behalf. This ensures that you are well-supported throughout the application process and have the best chance of being accepted.

If you’re ready to start an exciting journey, contact us for a free online consultation and support!

Bring Your Friend to Japan with Coto School Finder!

You might be enjoying your short-term courses at Coto Academy right now. That’s great!

However, if you know any friends or family members who have been thinking of studying in Japan for more than one year and need support in finding a school and applying for their student visa, introduce them to Coto School Finder!

If they successfully enroll in one of the Japanese language schools recommended by Coto School Finder, they will receive an introduction fee of 20,000 yen!

This is an excellent bonus and can help offset the costs associated with studying in Japan.

Get 20,000 yen for each people you successfully refer to Coto School Finder!

So, if you’re interested in studying in Japan for a year or more, be sure to contact Coto School Finder at [email protected]. They’ll help you find the perfect Japanese language school and make your dreams of studying in Japan a reality!

Want to Live and Study in Japan? Use Coto School Finder’s Free Support!

Terms and Conditions

  • We may not be able to introduce a school depending on the student’s situation.
  • We will pay 20,000 yen when the student has decided to study abroad for one year or longer and has enrolled in a school.
  • This offer is also applicable to students who will study in Japan themselves.

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