How to Live and Study in Japan on a Student Visa with Coto School Finder!

Want to study Japanese in Japan full-time? Exciting news! Coto Academy is offering free support to help you find and apply to a quality Japanese language school with student visa sponsorship!

Coming to Japan and starting your application can seem like a scary, overwhelming process, but with Coto School Finder, coming to Japan to study Japanese has never been easier! You’ll receive all the necessary assistance to secure your visa, from application to the classroom. If you’re ready to start an exciting journey, contact us for a free online consultation and support!

Why Use Coto School Finder?

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Partnering with almost 20 Japanese language schools across the country, Coto School Finder’s dedicated coordinators will guide you through every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free and seamless transition to student life in Japan.

1. 100% Free Support & Online Consultation

We want to ensure that we only match you with the perfect fit. That’s why we offer a free online consultation to hear more about your personal goals and preference. After that, our support is 100% free — you’ll only pay the school tuition when it’s due!

2. Easy, straightforward application

When you’re applying alone, it’s easy to get confused with all sorts of documents you need to submit. We’ve made your application flow simple and will help you gather all documents for your student visa application. With our straightforward and easy-to-understand admission process, there’s no need to worry about misunderstandings or wasting time.

3. Free online Japanese course

By collaborating with Coto Academy, you can receive a complimentary online Japanese course before you even arrive in Japan. This will make your transition to Japan even more seamless!

How Can Coto School Finder Help? 

If you are planning to study in Japan for more than three months, you will need to consider two things: finding the right school that matches your goal and preference, and navigating the immigration process to get a student visa. Here’s how we will handle your application 

1. Contact us

​​Reach out to us by filling out the contact form with your personal information to verify if you are eligible for a student visa. In case you haven’t chosen a specific school yet, don’t worry! We will have a conversation to understand your requirements and preferences, and then recommend a school that aligns with your objectives. 

2. Choose a school

Each Japanese Language school has its own unique curriculum and environment. Working closely with our partner schools, we want to match you to the best school that fits you based on your desired city, pace, study preference, and goal!

3. Prepare your application

Congratulations! The school has approved your application! Now is the time to prepare all your documents for your COE. We’ll provide you with the exact list of documents you need to provide and help out with filling in your school’s paperwork. Oftentimes, documents you’ll need to submit include:

  • Passport-style photo 
  • Graduation certificate of your last education
  • A financial document like your bank statement
  • Copy of your passport 

4. Submit your documents and application

Once we have received all the required documents, we will send everything to the school. The school will then submit the visa application to the Immigration Bureau on your behalf. Approval for your visa application and COE may take 2-3 months. 

5. Pay school tuition and receive your COE!

We’ll let you know once the school has your COE. At this point, you will need to pay your tuition to get it. We’ll keep you updated about your application and check up on you, so don’t worry! 

6. Receive your student visa and come to Japan!

As soon as you receive your COE, make an appointment at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in your area to apply for the actual student visa! This is when there’s not much to do on your end. 

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Ready to live and study in Japan? Contact us for free support!

Don’t let fear hold you back from embarking on this life-changing adventure. Contact us today for a free online consultation, and let us help you turn your dream of studying Japanese in Japan into a reality!

If you want to know more about Coto School Finder, visit this page! We also have tons of useful online resources and fun quizzes for you!

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