Coto Events in February 2017

Posted by on December 19, 2016 – Cultural Events

We are planning the following events in February 2017. Please send your request for participation to!

Japanese Ink Painting Class

Wednesday, February 1


Take a brush and a piece of washi paper and learn how to draw the typical Japanese ink paintings called Sumi-e! Practice this ancient art in the studio of the instructor Honda Yuta-san, whose father was a recognized Sumi-e painter, Honda Toyokuni. Don’t worry if you have never painted with ink and a brush before, the technique of the Sumi-e is easy to familiarize with and you will be able to draw cool paintings on that day! This May, we will practice how to draw bamboo, one of the most basic of Sumi-e painting.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 1
  • Time: 12:40 13:55
  • Place: Coto Language Academy 1F
  • Fee: 2500円
  • Number of people:Max. 10 people

Sumo Tournament

Sunday, February 5


Have you seen a sumo tournament before?

Coto Academy has reserved tickets for a special tournament that takes place only once a year for one day in February! If you have never enjoyed a sumo game before, do not miss this great chance to discover and enjoy watching this Japanese sport.

We have a limited number of tickets for this very popular event and booking will be close when all the tickets are sold. Reserve soon!

  • Date: Sunday, February 5
  • Time: 13:00 – 17:00
  • Meeting place : 13:00, in front of the entrance of Ryōgoku Kokugikan (5 min from Ryōgoku station)
  • Fee: 3200yen → 2500yen (special price for our students!)
  • Number of people: max 120 people
  • Learn about our past sumo tournament event: Sumo

Lunch Tour in Kagurazaka

Thursday, February 9


Have you ever been to Kagurazaka? It is an enchanting neighborhood located 5 minutes walking from the Coto Academy, where you can find many shops, fancy cafés, traditional and modern restaurants. Every month, we organize a lunch tour in one of the many delicious restaurants around this place. If you want to join the September tour and discover Kagurazaka, mail us and make your reservation now!

  • Date: Thursday, February 9
  • Time: 12:30~13:50
  • Meeting place: 12:30 at the 1F of the Coto Academy
  • Place: Torijaya Bettei
  • Fee: around 1500 yen
  • Number of participants: 16 people

Cooking class! 

Wednesday, February 15


Did you know that there are various different ways to make sushi? In this event, we will create an oshi-zushi design that is a real eye-pleaser. Once you’ve learned how to make it, it is easy to make this dish at home too. We can create interesting designs based on your ideas! We look forward to seeing you at this event.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 15 
  • Time: 12:40 – 13:55
  • Place: Coto Language Academy 1F
  • Fee: 2500 yen
  • Number of participants: up to 9 people
  • Instructor: Emiko Shimizu (teacher from Coto)

Skiing & snowboarding tour in a onsen resort!

Saturday – Sunday February 18 & 19, Niigata Prefecture


For the 4th time, we organize a ski and snowboarding trip in Niigata (2 days, 1 night trip). Some staff from Coto Academy are joining you for this great weekend. During our bus trip to Niigata, we hope you will join us to sing karaoke! It is a great opportunity to  improve your Japanese while skiing in the beautiful Japanese mountains, famous for their slopes and good snow. After the exercise, enjoy resting yourself in the great onsen (hot springs). Beginner welcomed!

  • Date: February Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th
  • Meeting: 6:05 AM Coto Language Academy 1F
  • Fees: 35000 yens (includes rental ski /board, lift pass, bus round trip ticket, 1 hotel night with 2 meals and insurances)
  • Number:Max 25 people

Calligraphy Class 

Wednesday, February 22



If you are interested in learning how to draw each and every stroke in the Japanese Kanji character, this event is for you! Every month, Coto Academy will hold a calligraphy class. Learn the basics of calligraphy along with the artistic way of writing kanji, you will be practicing on three characters as shown below. The instructor, Wakana Shingae, is a professional calligrapher. Grab this opportunity to experience the traditions of Japan and participate in our calligraphy class! Booking available at the reception (3F).

This month’s kanji: 愛  心   

  • Day: Wednesday, February 22
  • Time: 12:40 – 13:55
  • Place: Coto Language Academy 1F
  • Fee: 2500 yen
  • Number of participants: up to 1o people
  • Instructor: Wakana Shingae

Apply quickly at!