Yokohama Open House – Meet Mutsuki! (Yokohama Japanese Language School Manager)

Hi Everyone!

Coto Japanese Academy Yokohama will be opening in just 3 weeks!
We have had several people sign up for classes at the new location already – and we are very pleased to hear that many people have been excitedly anticipating the opening of the new school in Yokohama.
Today, we would like to introduce the new manager of our Yokohama Japanese language school, share photos of the new school design, and give an invitation to our upcoming open house.


Wednesday, March 4th, 10:00 – 17:00 or Thursday, March 12th, 14:00 – 20:00
Due to the Novel Coronavirus we will not be serving tea or snacks – but please either visit us in person or schedule a Skype call or Google hangouts interview by emailing us at [email protected]
Address: Coto Japanese Academy – Yokohama
2-24-1, 8F Tanigawa building, Tsuruya cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
横浜市神奈川区鶴屋町2-24-1 谷川ビル8F

New school design


We are currently considering opening the following courses for many part-time courses as well as many inquiries.
Please send us an email at [email protected]

Part-Time Courses

1) Practical Japanese for Beginners (New Learners)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
2) Active Basic Grammar A&B (Beginners)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
3) Effective Drill and Conversation (Upper Beginners : Speaking Focused)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
4) Essential Grammar and Conversation (Upper Beginner)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
5)Bridge to Intermediate (Upper Beginner to Intermediate)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
6) Natural and Fluent Japanese 1 (Intermediate)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
7) Natural and Fluent Japanese 2 (Upper Intermediate)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
8) Explanation Training (Upper Intermediate)
– Morning course, Daytime course, Evening course
9) JLPT N3 preparation
– Evening course

Intensive Course for all levels

Schedule: Monday to Friday 9:10-12:00 / 14:10 – 17:00
Course Dates : March 2nd – March 27th

Introducing Coto Japanese Academy

Meet our Yokohama Japanese Language School Manager – Mutsuki Sasaki

Mutsuki San has been working as a senior coordinator for our Iidabashi branch since the start of 2018 – she comes from the IT field with a background in sales and has a deep understanding of the need for language acquisition having spent time abroad.
She is originally from Nagoya!  🙂  She is excited to meet you and to learn about your goals for Japanese learning.  Her hobbies include watching movies, traveling, and scuba diving.
If you would like to learn more about Mutsuki-San you can visit this blog post. Message from Mutsuki-San:
I want to share a short story with you – A few days ago, one of the students who was a complete beginner when I helped her join the Iidabashi school a year and a half ago came to me and spoke in fluent Japanese.
She also reported that she passed JLPT N2 last December!  (We are very proud of her.)
It is her hard work that allowed her to reach an advanced level in a short time, but we are also happy to hear that we helped her achieve her goals.
For those who have tried a lot but have given up on improving Japanese, we strongly recommend that you give it a try to take lessons at Coto.
We are very happy to announce that our new branch school in Yokohama will be opened in March 2020. (March 2nd to be exact.)
All the staff and the teachers will provide full support for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us [email protected]. We all look forward to seeing you soon!!
Kind regards,
Mutsuki Sasaki
P.S.  If you know anyone in Yokohama that needs to improve their Japanese speaking we would love for you to introduce them.  Thank you for your continued support!

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