I want to pass the JLPT – How can I study with Coto?

In this blog – we will share the different ways that you can study Japanese in order to pass the JLPT with Coto.

From online classes to self-study materials, there are many ways that you can prepare for the JLPT Exam.

At Coto – we are now offering a wide range of online and offline courses to help you maximize your chances of passing the JLPT.

  • Online JLPT Seminar Classes
  • Online JLPT Small Group Classes
  • In-school small group lessons.
  • JLPT Self-Study Resources
  • Private Lessons for the JLPT

Depending on the level of the JLPT that you are taking – there are different requirements for how much time you will need to spend in order to pass the JLPT.  If you would like to see how much time it takes to pass the JLPT based on level – check out our blog.

Online JLPT Seminar Courses

At Coto we have several types of lessons that you can take if you would like to study for the JLPT.  The first of which is our Seminar Format Prep Courses. (Learn more at: JLPT Prep Courses)

What are these JLPT courses like?

  • Seminar Lecture given by video
  • Students can listen and watch
  • Students can ask questions via chatbox
  • There are homework assignments

Who gives these courses?

Professional Coto Japanese Teachers

Where are these courses given?


These classes are a mixture of textbook learning and reviewing practical exam questions that have actually appeared on the exam. In these classes you will not just learn concepts that will be covered on the exam, but you will also learn strategies for how to manage your time during the exam, and learn key practical tips about how you can maximize your chances of a pass.

These courses are perfect for those people that have a self-study plan, but want to shore up their missing knowledge.

If you are interested in these classes and want to learn more about them – visit www.coto-language.com

You  can also see more here:

JLPT N4 Online Prep Course
JLPT N3 Online Prep Course
JLPT N2 Online Prep Course
JLPT N1 Online Prep Course

See a sample of our N1 Kanji Course Below

Online JLPT Group Classes

What are our Online JLPT Group Classes like?

  • Interactive Class video and voice chat
  • Pair work and speaking practice with other students
  • Uses a mix of textbook in class exercises and homework

Our Online Group JLPT Classes are a great way to prep for the JLPT with other like-minded students and a native professional instructor.

At this moment we are only offering them for the N2 Level of the exam – but we will be expanding them to other sections soon.

These courses are designed to be taken over a one year time span and are meant to prepare you fully to pass the JLPT N2, with a focus on grammar and reading.

JLPT N2 Grammar (Advanced / N2)

Mondays 19:10 – 20:00 – Evening
Wednesdays 19:10 – 20:00 – Evening
Saturdays 14:10 – 15:00 – Afternoon

JLPT N2 Reading (Advanced / N2)

Mondays 20:10 – 21:00 – Evening
Wednesdays 20:10 – 21:00 – Evening
Saturdays 15:10 – 16:00 – Afternoon


In-School JLPT Prep Lessons

Much like our online group lessons – we offer small-group in-school lessons to prepare for the JLPT as well.

You  can learn more about them here:



Self-Study Materials


Coto also offers several self-study aides designed to help you learn JLPT Kanji and Grammar.  We will list them below here:

JLPT Kanji Writing Workbooks

jlpt n5 kanji practice writing JLPT N4 kanji writing JLPT n3 kanji

These self-guided workbooks are a collection of pdf writing workbooks that you can print and study with, allowing you to memorize kanji and their stroke order.

JLPT Grammar Workbooks

JLPT N4 Grammar Guide
JLPT N3 Grammar Guide
JLPT N2 Grammar Guide

Private Lessons

We also offer a wide range of private 1-1 lessons that you can take on a flexible schedule that meets your needs.  In these lessons your instructor will be able to coach you through a personalized study plan that utilizes leading JLPT Prep course material.

Our new Shibuya school opens in August!

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