Top Japanese Language Schools in Hong Kong

Interested in enrolling at a Japanese language school in Hong Kong? Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, Japan has stricken its border restriction. This means a lot of Japanese schools in Japan cannot accept overseas applicants.

If that is you, check out this article to check out the top Japanese language schools in Hong Kong! Hong Kong is one of the countries that offer the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, JLPT, which is held twice a year. It is a popular test taken by foreigners who do not speak native Japanese and consists of different skill levels from N5 to N1. To find out more, check out Coto Academy’s guide to passing the JLPT exams.

If you want to learn in a Japan-based online Japanese school, the Coto Japanese Academy offers online courses that you can take from anywhere in the world.

Learning Japanese in Hong Kong

Why learn Japanese, especially when in Hong Kong? There are many benefits one can gain by learning the Japanese language. Japan has a very strong influence in Hong Kong as they are neighboring countries. Be it the society, culture, or way of life, the influence of the Japanese can be well noticed in Hong Kong. Thus, learning the Japanese language enables Hong Kong people to easily communicate with Japanese, allowing them to better understand the culture. 

Being one of Asia’s most developed countries, Japan has the third-largest economy in the world and has multiple companies in Hong Kong. It will be beneficial for those who want to work with Japanese companies to be able to speak their language and communicate with them. Japanese is also the ninth most spoken language, therefore learning it will be useful for both personal and career interests.

Benefits of a Learning School

Teachers at language schools usually have rich experience in teaching and might be local speakers of the language they are teaching. This allows students to be guided correctly by a local and have a credible source to answer their questions. Classes are also in smaller groups compared to a school course, making it easier to focus and learn. Some schools also offer classes for corporate workers, perfect for those who need to learn Japanese for their work. Learning Schools are really useful as they can also help students to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Offering courses for people of all ages, the Hong Kong Institute of Languages caters to everyone. Teaching foreign languages since 1985, they have helped enrich the lives of students who want to learn another language, prepare for examinations and meet job requirements. They offer a pre-course evaluation and an assessment and report at the end of the course to track your progress. The tutors here are all native speakers, and they also offer online courses and in-school programs

Classes are available in private 1 to 1, semi-private with 2 to 3 students, a small group with 4 to 6 students and group with 7 to 12 students.  Other courses include schools and summer camps.

Courses for:Course Details:
AdultsLevels available: beginner, elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate
Others: crash course and conversation course
ChildrenSuitable for children aged 4-12 and teens 13-17.
Multiple learning modes: online one on one lessons, small group classes with 4-8 students, private lessons on campus or private/semi-private home tutoring
CompaniesFull range of courses available, together with business function from business to advanced.
Employee testing, benchmarking, editing, proof-reading and translation courses are available too

International Language Centre Hong Kong

Founded back in 2006, there is a language course suitable for everyone interested. It is a popular language school in Hong Kong with more than 10 years of experience. The tutors here are all qualified and professionally trained. Among their many language courses available, they offer private, group and company training Japanese courses. 

Available Courses:Benefits:Details:
Japanese Private LessonsFor those who want to have focused learning, flexible scheduling and make quick progressRanging from 1 to 3 hours per session. Price ranges from $13,000 to $28,000 for beginner level 1 to advanced level 2
Japanese Group ClassesFor those who want to have interactive classes and make new friendsTuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm for 8 weeks or Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm for 10 weeks. $8,500 for a total of 30 hours, inclusive of material fees
Intensive Group ClassesFor those who wants to learn Japanese often and at a face pace$18,000 for 60 hours spread out over 20 days. Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 12.30pm
Japanese in company Training CourseFor companies who want employees to stay relevant and aheadTailored learning materials available for differing businesses and industries. Level assessment, tests and certificate of completion will be issued

Pasona Education

Pasona has a wide range of courses available for everyone, be it if you’re looking to learn Japanese with or without prior knowledge, or if you want to take the JLPT. They offer class lessons for those who wish to learn in a fun and interactive environment. For those who wish to have more guidance, private lessons are available with one on one coaching. Intensive courses are available for those who want to learn Japanese fast.

The Hong Kong Japanese language school also host cultural events for students to experience an authentic environment to practice and learn the language. The teachers are all native Japanese speakers with experience.

General Courses:Intensive Courses:Other Courses:
General Japanese Course Intensive General Japanese CourseBusiness Japanese Course (Elementary / Advanced)
Advancing Japanese CourseIntensive Advancing Japanese Course Japanese Course for Primary School Students (P4 to P6)
Mastering Japanese Communication CourseIntensive Mastering Japanese Communication Course Japanese Conversation Course 
Preparation Course for the JLPT (N1 to N3)Special Upper Japanese Communication Course

Daito Bunka Education Centre

With a wide range of courses to choose from, Daito Bunka Education Centre ensures that its students will get what they need. Each course takes around a year to complete, and they reward their long-term students. Students who studied for more than a year may apply for a certificate. Because the attendance rate has to be above 80% to be eligible, students are also encouraged to not miss any classes. Classes are taught by experienced Japanese teachers, and textbooks are purchased separately. Other courses available here are Summer Japanese Intensive Course, Intensive Japanese Grammatical Course for Advanced Learners and Japanese Language and Research Course.

Available Courses:Course Details:Course Fees:
Japanese Intensive CourseCrash course with Elementary (N5), Intermediate (N4) and Advanced (N3, N2) levels. Elementary: $2,800, 32 hours
Intermediate $2,940, 32 hours
Advanced: $2,850, 30 hours
Certificate of Course in JapaneseElementary: N5, suitable for beginners
Intermediate: N4, for those who know the basics
Advanced: N3 and N2, for those already familiar with Japanese
Elementary: $550/month for 5 months, 132 hours
Intermediate $570/month for 5 months, 132 hours
Advanced: for early-stage, $610/month for 5 months. For late stage, $630/month for 5 months
Measure Course for JLPT LevelPreparation Course available for N1, N2 and N4. includes mock exam30 hours, price to be confirmed

Nikkei Japanese Language School

Since 1986, Nikkei Japanese Language School has been around for over 30 years. Aside from offering Japanese language courses, they also have a study center in cooperation with multiple Japanese schools in Japan. This allows their students to experience studying in Japan for a short-term or long-term course. They also offer VLJ, Visual Learning Japanese, which is a combination of NTT Communications and Shinjuku Japanese Learning Institute. It consists of physical and online classes with a teacher, and also self-learning offline on an application. Aside from those, they also offer Children’s classes, Youth classes, Nikkei Talk, A levels, Summer classes, professional courses and individual professor 1 on 1 class.

Courses Available: Course Details:Course Fees:
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Class (Hong Kong Instructor) N5 and N4 classes held in Cantonese
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Class (Private)Private one on one coaching for students at N5. Basics are taught step by step.
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Class N5, N3, N2 and N1 (Unit 1-6) classes taught in Japanese. Full term tuition fees have government subsidiesN5 (168 hours) full term $12,460 (without government funding), first month $890
N3 (144 hours) full term $2,136, first month $890
N2 (192 hours) full term $3,580, first month $950
N1 (288 hours) tuition per unit: $3,880, first month: $970
Hong Kong synchronous courseAvailable for Shinkuku Japanese Language School and Caoyuan Japanese Language School. Students get to study as if they are in Japan.Full term $2,124, first month $3,540

Watashi Create Japanese Language School

With three different locations, Watashi Create Japanese Language School has plenty to offer. Offering a library facility with book borrowing services and a Japanese-styled room with tatami, students can enjoy a pleasant experience here. They offer a free 30-minute trial class, that is now also available online. They offer private and semi-private courses, where students learn in a group of 2 to 5 people.

Courses Offered:Course Details:Course Fees:
Private Customized CourseCustomized content to allow students to learn efficiently and cater to their needs. Fees varies and depend on the course and duration, as they have multiple time period packages available.
Regular Group CourseWith 3 to 5 people in a class, learn Japanese from beginner to advanced level$3,600 for one course, with 12 1.5 hours classes
Japanese Courses for ChildrenSpecially for children aged 4-11, there are courses for regular groups, private lessons and textbook videos$3,000 for one course, with 12 1 hour classes
Corporate Group CourseFor companies who want employees to learn Japanese, this course sends a Japanese teacher to the companyDoor fee ranging from $300~$500, depending on the location. Course fee varies on package plan

Shin Japanese Learning Center

Aimed to help foreign students enroll in Japanese schools in Hong Kong, Shin Japanese Learning Center offer courses to prepare students for the Examination for Japanese University Admission (EJU). Of course, it also has courses for those looking to pick up a new language or want to pass the JLPT. It has a wide range of courses available, with a class size of up to 15 students. They have both local and native Japanese teachers, that are all professionally trained and well experienced.

General Courses:Other Courses:
Utilize Japanese Language Course N5 to N1Summer Japanese Language Course
Weekday afternoon Utilize Japanese Language Course N5 to N1Stephanie Class Japanese Language Course 
Privately taught coursesJapanese language course for children 
Intensive Course for studying in Japan School/Corporate Training
Conversation Intensive CourseEncyclopedia of Japanese Culture and Travelling Courses – Auxiliary words 
Japanese Language Proficiency Test Strategy ClassTourism Japanese Course 

Impact Language

Offering Japanese classes for both English and Cantonese speaking students, Impact Language caters to Hong Kong students who are fluent in their mother tongue. Their classes are held in small groups of up to 5 people to track the progress of each student and ensure that they are keeping up. Teachers here are well-trained native Japanese speakers that will guide students through their courses. Their classes adapt accordingly to the pandemic and will be held online when necessary so students do not have to worry about missing classes or losing progress.

Courses Available:Course Details:Course Fees:
New Course for BeginnersPerfect for beginners new to the language. The next new course is scheduled to start in late January$2,540 for 12 lessons, textbook $133
On-going Courses for Beginner, Intermediate and AdvancedFor Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students that want to improve their Japanese$2,540 for three months, textbook $133

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