Alexandre: Japanese Business Course Testimonial

A testimonial on our Japanese Business Course made by a fellow student Alexandre!


How long have you studying in Japan?

I’ve been studying for about a year and a half now. I came originally in 2016 to study for a full year and then after a brief trip back to Switzerland, I came back to Japan to take the Coto Business Course.

What was your objective in taking the business course?

During the first year of learning Japanese, I studied essentially every day conversational Japanese but I did not study business Japanese actively and therefore did not have a good command of the honorifics. I am pursuing a career as an attorney so it is paramount that I learn proper email writing and business settings in general.

Have you been able to use the material you learned in the course in your daily life?

Yes I was able to practice most of the things I learned right away. As a member of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Japan, I am able to attend a number of business luncheons and other events. For example, some settings call for the use of honorifics, the exchange of business cards and formal email writing that ensues ; and the contents of the course were spot on.

Overall, what is your feedback (good or bad) on the course?

Nothing but good as there is a wide range of activities and topics, including the Emotional Intelligence test. It was interesting both on a personal level and as a way to learn words and expressions for describing one’s personality, strengths and weaknesses in interviews.
Also, the course allows us to further understand the expectations and the mindset of Japanese parties, not only in business relationships but in any kind of formal setting, as the language’s design, especially keigo, tells lots about a people’s worldview.

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