Dustin’s Hiking Diary: Coto Community Mt. Takao Hike | November 2021

On November 27, we gathered at Takaoguchi Station for a hiking trip to Mt. Takao. There were 16 of us.

We did our first ice-breaking session, where we discover different people enjoyed different things after a hike. One student looked forward to an onsen (hot spring). Another can’t wait to get a drink.

We were hiking when an expat joined our group. She had just arrived in Japan from Canada. At the end of the hike, she became our friend. Sure, there were 16 of us — at first, but now there were 17.

“Coto seems like a fun community to be a part of! Maybe I will sign my husband up for classes when he comes to Japan!”

-a random Canadian girl who crashed into the group

The group walked past a shrine. Some members lighted incense and prayed, while the others were buying omikuji and omamori, which are Japanese amulets sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

mt. takao shrine

Standing on the peak of Mt. Taokao, we can see an ocean of gorgeous autumn colors. Not even mentioning a clear view of Mt. Fuji in front of us.

mt. takao mt. fuji view

The scenery of autumn that so vivid and rich, and it is just a painting.

“I want to make new friends from the international community.”

-a Coto Community Member

A group of students had their prepared onigiri at the peak. Then, the prepared student brought out a whole quiche that surprised everyone.

mt. takao eating

When the group hiked down on route 3, which is less crowded and has more nature, the group encountered a mushroom. People started to discuss whether it was edible. One student said, “for everything inedible is edible once.” Everyone laughed.

mt. takao shrine 2

Coto Community is built for Coto Academy students and alumni to have events for better networking and enjoy their life in Japan. We are honored and glad to bring people together, celebrate a beautiful fall weekend, and more.

Sometimes it is hard to live in a foreign country. Therefore, Coto Community welcomes and encourages students to originate events for all Coto students and alumni to bring people together. If you are interested in being a part of it, join Coto Academy and learn more about it!

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