Study Japanese in Tokyo – Coto Student profile #3 Sven

Interest in Japanese Language

Sven had been living in Munich but dreamt of going to live in a big city like Tokyo. He mentioned this plan to a Japanese friend but was surprised when his friend told him that English was not widely spoken in Tokyo and that he should learn Japanese.

Given this advice Sven decided to enroll in a Japanese language course in Germany. However, the first relied too heavily on rote learning and so he left the course, demotivated. He joined another course but felt this course was too focussed on the JLPT exam so that real, meaningful conversation was difficult to come across.

Study Japanese at Coto Japanese Academy

Sven found Coto Japanese Academy through a recommendation on a website. He came to Japan and studied in a private intensive course for two weeks. He thought that here at Coto Japanese Academy, the teachers had an excellent understanding of what an international student wanted.

“They understand the “Western Mind”. Their students are adults from Europe and America and the Coto Japanese Academy teachers have a good grasp of their way of thinking.”

Because of this, they didn’t patronize students but filled their lessons with relevant content and things that students really needed to communicate and better enjoy their stay in Japan.


Because he was studying in Japan, Sven was able to practice what he learned the classroom out in the real world. A time when he had to take a taxi sticks out in his mind the most. The taxi driver was not able to speak English but Sven was able to have a conversation in Japanese for over twenty minutes even after a short time studying.

Next step

Sven enjoyed studying with us here at Coto Japanese Academy so much that he decided to start taking online lessons when he went back home. Hopefully he will return to study Japanese in Tokyo soon and practice what he has learnt.

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