Study Japanese in Tokyo – Coto student profile #1 Andrew F


Andrew had always been interested in languages (studying German at University) and one day while reading a book he came across a passage in Japanese. Intrigued by how completely different Japanese was from English he started to study Japanese by himself using books and online tools.

Coming to Japan to Study

Andrew had been working in the retirement plan business in Seattle, U.S.A but decided to change jobs and suddenly found himself with three months of free time. Never one to waste an opportuntity he quickly hopped on a plane to pursue his passion to study Japanese in Tokyo.

Study Japanese at Coto Japanese Academy

After studying on his own for several years, it was Andrew’s first time experiencing what it’s like to study japanese in a school. He was impressed with our casual way of teaching and through our Intensive Course he was quickly able to have a natural conversation in Japan.

“It was hard to keep myself motivated when studying alone but after studying at Coto Japanese Academy I’m very happy with how quickly my Japanese has improved.”

Andrew now feels that as well as being able to express himself more naturally in Japanese, he is more comfortable taking his time to explain himself in Japanese if he doesn’t know the correct expression.

Next Step

Andrew is looking to take the JLPT N2 soon and would like to find a job where he can use Japanese. He wants to maintain his ability to have a conversation in Japanese and he will continue to study as much as he can.

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