Study Japanese in Japan #5 Ajay

Ajay arrived in Japan in January of 2014 – two years after his family got here – as he had been waiting to graduate from university. Now, he is living with his mum, dad and little brother in Tokyo. He spends most of his time practicing with the heavy metal band he started, which is made up of Japanese and Korean members as well as his little brother. He had to study Japanese from beginner level.

A change in lifestyle
When he first arrived in Japan 4 months ago, Ajay didn’t know a single word of Japanese. When he was shopping or walking around town Ajay had no idea what was being said or how he should reply. After just 4 month of working away in an intensive Japanese course though, his Japanese conversation ability has already improved massively.

Of course, it’s useful for everyday things, but more than that, I’m happy that I was able to make lots of Japanese friends! Now I can talk directly to people who can’t speak English and become their friend. It’s great!

Through his band, Ajay has met a lot of Japanese people who could only speak Japanese. At first, one of his Korean band mates would translate for him but thanks to the progress he has made in class, he can now talk to them directly. Having a normal conversation with someone who has the same hobbies as him has made Ajay a lot happier. He feels that, thanks to Japanese, his lifestyle has become easier and a lot more fun!

What I think is important to study Japanese:

If you want to study a language, speaking is the most important. First, I just wanted to be able to speak. I improved a lot from taking Coto Japanese Academy’s 4 month course so I’m really satisfied. The course was great! I don’t think you would be able to get better results anywhere else

Next Step
Ajay wants to continue to work on his Japanese so he can keep on improving and get to know more people in Japan. He eventually wants to work in I.T., especially if it is related to game design or coding. However, his dream is for his band to one day take part in a German heavy metal music festival. Who knows, maybe he will be singing Japanese songs by then. We wish him all the best for the future!

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