Student Story – Shannon – Learning Japanese as an Actress / Performer

What brought you to Japan?

I am a performer by trade and I was sent to Japan on a 3 year assignment. I spent about 3 years here and never really focused on learning Japanese because I didn’t need it for work or daily life. Which I am kicking myself for now. 😀 After I returned to the US I realized how much I missed living in Japan and so now I am back in Tokyo – learning Japanese and coming back and forth to explore opportunities.

Why did you choose to study Japanese at Coto Japanese Academy?

I had two friends recommend Coto to me – so I decided to visit the school and see what it was like. Initially I was looking for somewhere that would offer me an extension of my visa so that I could stay in Japan. But after coming to Coto and seeing what the classes were like – I was impressed by the individual accountability and opportunities to speak and practice in a more conversational format.

The atmosphere of Coto was really great – when I came in for the consultation it was during a class break and seeing students interact with each other – it was clear that there was a community to the school that felt relaxed and welcoming.

How long have you been studying at Coto?

This is month 3 for me – I will be going back to the US for the summer and then hopefully will come back to Japan for the fall once I can improve my language skills through self study and I can get work.

Did the school meet your expectations?

It met my expectations in terms of the study experience – the teaching style allowed me to rapidly level up my Japanese. What really surprised me was the community aspect of the class. I was really just interested in focusing on my Japanese – but I quickly was able to make friends with everyone in my class.
Outside of just the in-class learning – I was really happy that I was able to have an encouraging community that made me feel safe going out to practice Japanese and fully experience the time that I have spent in Japan so far. I really think this sets Coto apart.

Would you recommend Coto Japanese Academy to people who are looking for a Japanese School?

Absolutely – it is a great school and I tell people about it all the time!

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