Student Story – Amanda – Intensive Japanese Upper Beginner

What made you decide to study Japanese in Japan?

Ever since I was little I had an interest in japan which started with anime and manga – and then grew to a wider understanding of the overall culture including art and history? The first anime that I started watching was Saint Seiya – or Zodiac Warriors.

When did you first come to Japan?

I first came to japan in 2016 – a friend of mine was living here and she invited me to come stay at her place

How did you first hear about Coto Japanese Academy? Did you look at other Japanese schools in Tokyo?

I researched Japanese language schools in Tokyo and came up with many different options – when I was looking for schools I saw someone recommending Coto on a Trip Advisor thread – I can’t remember exactly how many schools I looked at but I looked at all of them that I could find – a lot of the feedback was that most schools that offered visas were full of only one student demographic i.e. one school was 95% chinese international students – 95% korean – 95% vietnamese etc.
I had already studied language at other schools in San Diego and Canada – and those schools also had a lack of student diversity – which made it hard to make friends because I had a different background than 90% of other students.

Why did you choose to study at Coto?

I narrowed it down to two or three schools that I wanted to study at – Coto had the most flexible scheduling and plans.  I was only hoping to study for two months originally and all of the other schools would only allow me to study for a minimum of 3 months – starting at a very set time period.  Coto was flexible in the amount of time that I could study and when I could start studying.
I was looking for a school where I could enjoy studying and exploring the city with other students I looked at the student demographics and the impression that I got from the website and social media was that Coto had many different types of students studying there – not just international students from a single country and that appealed to me. I was also looking forward to small classes of 8 people – which gave me a better chance at meeting people to enjoy the time I was spending in Tokyo.

Did it meet your expectations?  How would you rate your experience studying Japanese at Coto?

I really didn’t know what it was going to be like studying here for me personally – but I had an idea of more or less what I wanted from a school.
It met my expectations – I had good expectations for the school after reading the google reviews – and I think it exceeded them.
Coto has nicely sized classrooms – the teachers are really nice and friendly – the only thing that surprised me was how dynamic the teaching style was – for example we had more than one teacher and the class scheduling changed from week to week in terms of which classrooms we utilized.  So it seemed a bit more lively than other schools I have studied with.
I really loved the catchup lessons – if I missed a course for whatever reason I could take a catchup lesson to review what the class went over so I wouldn’t fall behind.
If anyone is interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo I would definitely recommend Coto to them

Is there anything you want to give a shoutout to?

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