One Week Special Nail Art Course

Learning Japanese is quite captivating isn’t it? Step by step, being able to communicate in a foreign language is really rewarding. We hope you are enjoying your classes!

Have you been studying other aspects of Japanese culture besides the language? Discovering Japanese culture is a nice way to deepen your knowledge of the language. That is why Coto Japanese Academy has decided to hold a week-long “Special Nail Art Course”.

Nail art is a creative way to decorate your nails and it is said that the Japanese nail art technique is the best in the world. Would you like to learn this technique while you’re in Japan?

We are now offering you a unique chance to experience nail art in a special course at a popular salon in Aoyama, Tokyo. The instructor would like to introduce Japanese nail art to foreigners. Would you like to learn actual nail art from a professional? We will also issue a certificate to those who attend the class for the full week!

There would be Japanese instructions with English support, so everyone would be able to follow along. If you’re interested please contact us.

How to apply: Send an email with the title “Nail Art Course” to [email protected]

– Course: Special Nail Art Course
– Schedule: September 28 (Monday) ~ October 2 (Friday) 2015 (5 days)
– Time: 14:10-17:00
– Fee: 50,000 yen→ Trial special price 25,000 yen
*Extra fee for materials
– Number of participants: up to 8
– Content: Nail basics, gel nails, etc.
*If there are too many participants, Coto members will take priority.
Send an email with the title “Nail Art Course” to [email protected]

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