Skiing & Snowboarding Tour 2015 in Myoko Ikenotaira

Skiing & Snowboarding Tour in Myoko Ikenotaira
When one talks about winter in Japan, the topic of skiing is sure to come up!
Although Hokkaido is famous for powder snow, Niigata and Nagano also have many magnificent skiing areas, located just 2 – 3 hours away from Tokyo.
At Coto Japanese Academy, skiing and snowboarding tours have been planned since two years ago, so as to allow for a skiing and snowboarding experience while staying in Japan. Every year, the tour is improved, and this was the 3rd time the tour was conducted.
We departed at 6 in the morning via a chartered bus from Iidabashi, while it was still dark! After catching a few winks in the bus, it was time for some karaoke. Everyone presented great English and Japanese songs.
After arriving at the location, we went skiing at once! We were blessed with wonderful weather, and the scenery when looking down from the mountaintop was extremely beautiful.
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We had a delicious Japanese meal at the hotel, and played games in the large hall. Everyone got very proficient at skiing and snowboarding over those two days.
And when one talks about skiing, hot springs will surely come to mind. We also managed to enjoy the hot springs at the hotel and nearby areas to our hearts’ content.
Normally, everyone would be scattered around for work and Japanese classes, but over the course of spending two days together, we truly managed to spend an enjoyable time.
We look forward to being able to meet you for the event next time as well!

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