"Nihongo Plus Japanese lesson are great" #11 Simon

★Introducing testimonials from student’s of ILS (Iidabashi Language School) before it became Coto Japanese Academy

Nihongo Plus Japanese lesson are great !”

Simon / Nihongo Plus (Unlimited Japanese Lesson plan) / Upper Intermediate / UK

I have been studying Japanese a lot by myself recently, using “Japanese pod 101”. Although it is good material, I needed some feedback – especially with speaking, that is why I decided to take Japanese lessons.

After searching on Internet, I decided to take my Japanese lessons with Coto Academy. Although I needed weekdays lessons, I had a busy schedule, between chores and work. I also wanted to spend my money carefully ! I found out that Nihongo Plus was an excellent compromise.

The lessons are great value. I already know a lot of Japanese vocabulary and grammar, but in Nihongo Plus you can learn how to use and when to use them, in small groups. I’m more aware of the language I’m using, and I believe it is essential when you learn a new language. I am happy with my lessons and teachers are very nice. Being in a small groups is perfect to practice.

I feel more confident. I want to challenge myself and try to pass the JLPT N2. My goal is to speak more like a native, using more natural Japanese. I really recommend Nihongo Plus for people who have time during the day. It is also a smart choice, as for a reasonable price, you get great Japanese lessons !

Coto Japanese Academy is a unique Japanese Language School in Iidabashi Tokyo, we offer relaxed and fun conversational lessons for all levels of Japanese learner. Coto Japanese Academy prides itself on its community atmosphere and fun lessons that focus on creation of opportunities to speak and learn Japanese. If you are interested in studying Japanese in Tokyo – please visit our contact page here.


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