Review Roundup – What are people saying about our Japanese Classes in Tokyo?

We want to thank everyone that has studied with us over the last year.
Reading our website is a great way to learn about courses we offer.
But – What is it like to study Japanese at Coto?
In this blog post we will share some of our most recent reviews from places like Google and Facebook.
We hope this can help you to understand what being a student at Coto is like!

What our students are saying about taking Japanese lessons at Coto Japanese Academy

I attended Coto Language Academy for about 7 months.  I moved to Tokyo from Los Angeles for my husband’s work and had to learn Japanese fast as a new resident.  I liked Coto because it seemed bright and warm in pictures.  I have really enjoyed my time there so far.  Amongst the options for Japanese schools in Tokyo, I chose Coto for several reasons:
1. Intensive courses -structured and effective lessons to improve quickly
2. Flexibility- they offer make-up lessons for missed days
3. Fun learning environment- weekly activities
Thanks to Coto I was able to get to N2 level in less than a year. If you’re looking to improve your Japanese quickly, I would definitely recommend this school!”
– Akina M

“I had the great pleasure of attending a one-month Beginner-Intensive-Course last August and I can only recommend Coto! Although it is a bit pricy and you have some initial cost for the text books and registration, it is worth every yen!
The teachers keep you engaged all the time and show a good balance between humor, teaching expertise and professionalism. Daily homeworks guarantee that you deal with the contents at home. However, questions in class are welcome in case something is unclear.
Especially the concept of “Missions” and the “Speeches” in this beginner course already greatly appealed to me. Making a phone call in Japanese only one week after starting to learn the language and giving a first short speech only a few days later really motivates you to keep up learning!”
– Marcel F
“Coming to this school was the best decision I made regarding learning Japanese. What I like is the focus on conversation whilst diligently learning grammar. The classes have a small number of students (no more than 8 at a time), the class options are flexible. For example they run the same study programme several times a week so that you are likely to find a time that suits your own schedule. The staff are really friendly and they offer lots of extra curricular events so that if you are new to the country you can learn some important cultural aspects. Although I have not tried other language schools on Tokyo, I spent a lot of time researching what I wanted and this school seemed like a good fit and I have not been disappointed.”
– Alex W
“Coto Japanese Academy is an amazing environment to start or further your Japanese learning adventure! The staff are friendly, helpful and experienced and the school is a great learning environment with multiple classrooms, study areas and facilities.”
– John K.C.
“As a language school owner myself, I can safely recommend Coto Japanese Academy. Both their 101 lessons AND intensive courses are first-rate, their teachers are kind and highly professional and their facilities are comfy and conducive to studying (common areas are greatly appreciated). Cancellation policies are reasonable, the pricing matches the quality you get and staff is very accommodating.
The school is easily connected through subway and surrounded by a wide variety of restaurants that have international menus or are ‘foreigner-friendly’.
I intend to repeat the experience when I go back, that’s a no-brainer!”
– Jennifer J
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