Practice speaking Japanese online with Native Speakers

Are you looking for a way to practice speaking Japanese online?  Coto Online Japanese Lessons now offers “speaking sessions” with native Japanese speakers! Enhance your Japanese learning with speaking practice.

How can I use “Speaking Sessions” to learn how to speak Japanese?

Speaking sessions are a chance for you to focus on your Japanese output. They are a free conversation session with a Japanese native speaker. You can take them in either 25 minute or 50 minute increments.

So let’s say that you are already taking Japanese lessons with us at our in-person school in Tokyo – you could take online speaking sessions in your free time to practice what you learn in class.

What are “Speaking Sessions” at Coto Online?

  • A speaking practice session
  • Either 25 minutes or 50 minutes
  • You can speak freely with a Native Japanese Speaker that is engaged in your conversation

What “Speaking Sessions” are NOT

  • Guided Japanese Lessons (We offer these also and they are called learning sessions)
  • A consultation where you can ask questions to a Japanese teacher (If you would like that – you would need to use Learning Sessions)

When can you take Speaking Sessions to improve your Japanese speaking?

You can take speaking sessions whenever “speaking partners” have availability.  To find this – register for a free account here at Coto Online

How can I communicate during a speaking session? Is there any software that I need?

As long as you have a Skype account or a google hangouts account – you can take speaking sessions with Coto Online.  In the future we will be offering a native program so you will not even need to leave the Coto Online website.

Why should you take “Speaking Sessions” at Coto Online?

  • Increased practice will help you to remember words faster – and make your accent more natural.
  • In a recent study from language school Sprachcaffe, over 90% of the 2000 students that they surveyed reported that their interactions with other speakers was the most important part of their language learning.
  • Practice in speaking sessions will give you the confidence that you need to speak Japanese in your daily life in Japan

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