Coto Japanese Academy's Beer Garden Party! + Practice Japanese!

How have you been spending the hot summer in Japan?
At Coto Japanese Academy, continuing from last year, we powerfully beat back the summer heat with a beer garden!
This year’s beer garden was held at the ultra popular Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi department store rooftop in Tokyo.
Taking in the cool evening summer breeze, classmates and teachers and scholars who don’t normally have the chance to get together all enjoyed the opportunity to mingle with a beer in one hand.
During the middle stages we held a quiz game for the regular beer garden customers to practice Japanese, and enjoyed Japanese language communication.
Here are the questions we asked to locals! Do you remember the answers??
Q1. 1年(いちねん)に366日(にち)ある年(とし)を何(なん)といいますか。
What is the name of the year that has 366 days?
Q2. 前回(ぜんかい)の東京(とうきょう)オリンピックは何年(なんねん)でしたか?
When was the last Tokyo Olympics held?
Q3. 今の東京(とうきょう)都知事(とちじ)の名前(なまえ)はなんですか。フルネームでこたえてください。
What is the name of current Tokyo governor? please answer with the full name.
Konochikaku de oishii izakaya o oshiete kudasai.
Could you tell me a good Izakaya around here? please draw a map on this paper?
See answers below 😉
Q1. うるう年(どし) uruu-doshi
Q2. 1964年
Q3. 舛添要一(ますぞえよういち)masuzoe yoichi
At our next event we will be participating in the local Iidabashi neighborhood association festival!
You can view how things went at last year’s event here. (link)
For all those who would like to mingle with the locals, help repair the food stalls, and carry the omikoshi(portable shrine), please come and participate!

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