Upper-Intermediate Japanese Courses at Yokohama

For experienced Japanese language learners who want to take their Japanese to the next level, upper-intermediate courses are available at our Yokohama Japanese school. Lessons are offered in the evening — suitable for business professionals or students who are looking for after-work (or after-school) Japanese part-time courses.

If you are interested in any of these new courses, please contact us directly at [email protected].

Read and Discuss Current Events (N2 level)

In this course, students will get familiar and comfortable in reading news articles. Covered topics involve the latest world news and other trending themes in or outside Japan. Students will proceed to deep discussions, helping them confidently exchange opinions. Our instructors will pick the news article every week, becoming all at once a moderator, learning partner and teacher.

Day: Tuesday
Time: 19:10-20:00 (1 lesson)

Business Japanese (N3–N2 level)

How do you communicate with guests, your co-workers and managers in Japan? Through this course, students will learn the right Japanese communication etiquette, expressions — and even word choices. This will help them excel in their work environment, allowing their professional performance to thrive — without the language barrier concern.

Day: Tuesday
Time: 19:10-21:00 (2 lessons)

N3 and N2 JLPT Prep Course

If you are looking to take the exam in July or December this year, the courses are offered at the following times.

JLPT N3 Prep

Day: Monday
Time: 19:10-20:00 Grammar (1 lesson) | 20:10-21:00 Reading (1 lesson)
Textbooks: 日本語総まとめN3文法 and ユニ込実力アップ!N3読む

JLPT N2 Prep

Day: Thursday
Time: 19:10-20:00 Grammar (1 lesson) | 20:10-21:00 Reading (1 lesson)
Textbooks: 日本語総まとめN2文法 and 必修パターンN2読解

To find out more about our JLTP prep courses in Tokyo and online, head to this blog post.

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