Pass the 2022 JLPT With Coto’s Online Preparation Course

Taking the JLPT this July? Join our online JLPT Prep course, which is designed to increase your chance of passing this global-wide exam and reaching your target score.

In this 4-week course, you will take two years’ worth of exam questions and receive feedback from one of our professional instructors.

Online JLPT Prep Course Feature

This course is best for people who are studying for the JLPT exam and would like to have support from a professional instructor. Our online JLPT preparation course features:

1. A combination of live ZOOM classes and assignments

First, participants will attempt to answer the questions to understand and gauge their current ability. They can then learn how to reach the correct answers through the online lessons offered by our professional teachers using Zoom.

The questions are taken from the official JLPT books published in 2018 and 2012.

2. Ask questions to your teacher

If you have any questions during the live class, you can send them directly to the teacher through the chat system. The teacher will check your questions and take time to answer them at the end of each class.

3. Class recording

The classes are recorded and you can watch the video for up to two weeks after the class. You can use this feature to review each lesson and get perfectly prepared for the exam.

You can head to any of the links below, or click this link to browse the full JLPT prep courses.

Online JLPT Preparation Course Options

With the first JLPT of the year done, you might be planning to take the second one, which will be in December.

Start your preparation from today. Join our JLPT online lecture course to get your target score or even go beyond.

Learn alongside motivated students this July and with teachers who have years of JLPT-teaching experience. The seminar-style lectures have students work individually with the lesson material while listening to the lecture on the screen.


Monday | Kanji and Vocabulary : 19:10-21:00 (JST)
Wednesday | Grammar and Reading : 19:10-21:00 (JST)


Monday | Grammar and Reading: 19:10-21:00 (JST)
Wednesday | Kanji and Vocabulary: 19:10-21:00 (JST)


Tuesday | Grammar and Reading : 19:10-21:00 (JST)
Friday | Kanji and Vocabulary : 19:10-21:00 (JST)

If you want to apply, you can head to the link below, which will direct you to Coto’s course page. For any questions or concerns, please contact [email protected]!

*All class times are on Japan Standard Time(UTC+9).
*We require a minimum of 3 participants for each JLPT level.

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