Online Small Group Japanese Lessons Starting from April

Have you ever wanted to visit Japan?  Watch Japanese dramas and anime without subtitles?  Learn more about Japan’s historical cultures?  From April 2021, we will be offering online small group Japanese Lessons!
Why not use this chance to take a further step with your interest in the Japanese language and communicate better?

Why Online Small Group Japanese Lessons?

  • Online small group Japanese lessons are an efficient and convenient way for you to attend the classes from the comfort of your home or anywhere else in the world!
  • Since classes will be online, These group courses will be held on a regular basis, with a maximum number of 8 students and taught by a professional Coto native Japanese instructor.
  • Small group with a small teacher to student ratio, so you can ask questions comfortably depending on what you struggle to understand
  • Online lessons are not as separating as you think! We have thought of creative ways to have an interactive lesson and maximize learning as much as possible.  We also offer an online student group and discussion forum with each class.
  • Avoid commuting during the covid-19 pandemic

We offer a variety of courses, from beginner to advanced Japanese courses :

  • Beginner N5
  • Upper Beginner N4
  • Intermediate/Upper Intermediate N3-N2
  • Advanced N2-N1

There will be a combined variety of classes held in mornings and evenings, depending on your selected level. We will of course level match with your Japanese, in order for you to learn at the right pace. Please inquire or check our website for more information on this.
We also provide a light intensive course, targeted for Beginner level N5. This course is great for those that are familiar with the Genki Textbook.

Why choose this course?

  • Learn basic Japanese for 3 months, but at pace you can follow along comfortably
  • Value for money: 2 x 100min class per week
  • Able to choose which part of the Genki textbook you want to learn from eg. Genki 1 Unit 10-12

Interested in learning more about our online small group Japanese classes?
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