Online Kids Japanese Classes

Personalized online Japanese language courses for children in the comfort of your home, from anywhere in the world.

Let your children discover the joy of learning and speaking Japanese.


  • Class Size
    1-on-1 or private group course with a Japanese teacher
  • Location
    Interactive lessons via Zoom
  • Target
    Beginner-level children (6-15 years old)
  • Start date
    Preferred time and day of week

Private Japanese Lessons Online for Children

Pairing a highly qualified Japanese instructor and in-class curriculum is vital for your child’s learning growth. With passion and expertise, we deliver students the best learning experience — an online Japanese class for kids (6-15 years old) that is highly effective, engaging, yet fun.

We match you with native Japanese speakers who are experienced in teaching in an online environment and have taken special training in child language education. To design the most suitable Japanese lesson, we consider each student’s interest, learning goal, Japanese language skills and age.

We also realize the importance of a comfortable, safe learning environment to keep children focused in an online Japanese language course. As a family, you will have ample opportunity to consult with our teachers, evaluate your children’s Japanese language progress and create adjustments.

Online Japanese Private Class for Children Feature

1. Customizable online Japanese lessons.
Every student’s learning journey is unique. Partnering with you, we plan the most suitable Japanese course online for kids around the age of 6 to 15 years old.

2. Flexible schedule option with fixed lesson time
No matter where you are in the world, your child deserves high-quality Japanese lessons. Consult with us about your preferred day and time to take the classes. Lesson time for each week is fixed.

3. Keep track of your child’s progress
Our private kids Japanese class program allows our instructors to give vital reviews and guidance. At the end of the course, our Japanese teachers will give feedback. Based on this, you can further discuss the next steps for your kids and continue the one-on-one program to provide them a deeper learning and the best lesson support.

4. Professional Japanese teachers specializing in teaching children
Consult with us to find a teacher who’s passionate about guiding younger students through their language learning journey and accomplishing their goals.

5. Certificate of completion
At the end of Coto's online Japanese course for kids, comprised of 10 lessons, students will receive a certificate of attendance.

Japanese lessons for children in Tokyo and Yokohama

Online Private Kids Japanese Classes

online kids japanese class
  • Kids Online Japanese Course

    LEVEL: Private online kids Japanese lesson with native Japanese speakers for complete beginners | 10 lessons per course
    Learn Japanese online with a customizable course curriculum for your children. Design a kid's online Japanese language class with your desired core focus: Japanese grammar, Japanese pronunciation, writing, speaking practice and more.

    Coto's professional Japanese teachers will address personal concerns the students may have, allowing them to optimize their Japanese language potential with ease.

    • Lesson: 50 minutes per lesson, 10 lessons.
    • Target: Beginner-level Japanese students around 6-15 years old.

    At the end of Coto’s online Japanese course for kids, comprised of 10 lessons, students will receive a certificate of attendance.

    If you are not satisfied with Coto’s online kids Japanese class after taking the first lesson, you can cancel the remaining 9 lessons.

    Siblings are also welcome to take the course. Please contact us for details for further consultation.

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    • Coto Japanese Academy Tokyo
      • July to September | Flexible start date

Course Fees

Special 1-on-1 Kids Japanese Course
Online Kids Course
50-minute private session, 10 lessons in total


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