Online Japanese Speaking Sessions now Available

Speak Japanese freely with a native speaker with Coto’s Online Speaking sessions.

Are you looking for a way to practice speaking Japanese online? We are excited to announce that we are now offering “speaking sessions” at

Speaking sessions are a great way to practice what you are self-studying or simply to just keep your Japanese skills sharp.

Speaking Japanese is one of the most enjoyable fruits of studying Japanese – and it may be hard to find native speakers to practice your conversation with if you are not currently living in Japan.

With the coronavirus situation in the world today – we are unsure of when things will return to normal – but that should not stop you from practicing your Japanese speaking.

What are Coto online speaking sessions?

Speaking sessions are a free conversation session between you and an enthusiastic native speaker.

Their job is to try to give you corrective feedback so that you can practice your speaking, pronunciation, and forming thoughts and sentences in Japanese.

How are they different from regular online Japanese lessons or language exchange partnerships?

Free conversation sessions in a 1-1 environment allow you to try out what you’ve been studying – without the pressure of having to communicate perfectly.

With a regular language exchange partner – they may not understand how to give supportive and corrective feedback, or they may be too shy to correct your mistakes.

That is why having a supportive native speaker to guide you through the conversation is such an advantage.

How much do Japanese Speaking Practice Sessions Cost?

We have a package plan that meets any budget. You can either buy a package of lesson credits – or sign up for a monthly subscription that will allow you to take a set # of lessons per week.

For example – if you would like to sign up for our monthly plan and take 1x 50 minute practice session per week it would be only $24 per hour.

To learn more about pricing – please connect with us by filling out our contact form so that we can connect for a free interview and level check!

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